Finding Me Again.

week1aIt is so easy to lose myself when I am in school. I spend so much time working with others trying to find their words and themselves, then I come home and I take care of my family and my house. So when it comes time for me to take care of me so little is less. I gave myself two weeks to wallow in the “I am tireds”. I shared that carbs were my friend. I shared I looked for comfort.

But then I reminded myself the reason the whole “less of me” movement began and it centered me. I HAVE to take at least a half an hour for myself. Iweek2b get to choose how that half an hour is spent. For me exercise is a good way because I always feel better after. Therefore, this week I did that. I didn’t really feel like it always or even want to. But I did it. I came in the door and immediately threw on my workout clothes. This is always a motivator for me because it says do it.

After two days I remembered why it is so important to me. I am more centered and focused with my family and my job when I take care of me first and it isn’t that I had to relearn that. It is more I just have to refocus and recenter again. Calibrate if you will. Honestly, what happens when I do that I am able to get more done, I feel better about myself and I sleep and feel better.

week1cFor me health is important now. I weigh usually in the 140’s somewhere. However, I truthfully would like the 130’s and I wouldn’t be opposed to 125 to 130. The 140’s is the high end of the ideal weight chart. The 125 is the lower end of that and truthfully I want to be more lean than smaller. So until my birthday (I am gonna be 40!!! What?!!!?) I am gonna be hyper focused on this goal. Not obsessive. Not unhealthy. But watching portions, remembering abs are built in the kitchen and eating clean.

I celebrated this past weekend with stuffing my face and eating junk. Monday it was on. I followed my plan faithfully. I worked out every single day except the worst day of fatigue for a teacher and that is FRIDAY. Friday will always be rest day. My eating has been completely on point. The results of those efforts have been large.

I lost 3lbs and 3 inches. In all actuality I lost 5 inches, but I gained inches in my biceps, week1bforearms and calves. I know most of my weight loss was more bloating because I cut way back on sodium. But still it is progress. But always what is more important is that I feel better. My color is good, my fatigue is so much better and my energy levels have sky rocketed.

I had my vegan chocolate shakeology every day for breakfast, I have limited myself to 2 servings of carbs (hardest addiction to break), and no sugar at all other than natural occurring sugars. The biggest benefit of all is the massive amounts of clarity that happens when my diet is strict and clean. It makes it all worth it.

I didn’t lose myself as much as I forgot my priorities for a minute.

Less of Me is a Thing, – MR


I am not a Beachbody coach, but I love their products and have found so much success with their programs and products. Beachbody On Demand (think Netflix for fitness peeps!) is my most use product. If you are interested in any info or products please go to this link —-> My Beachbody Coach


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