Making it an act of criticism 

Yesterday as my students and I read our book the author made the proclaimation that to be effective communicators we must live our lives as an act of criticism. Think about that. Think about if you do that. Think about just how deep of a thought that is to an adult. Imagine it in a roomful of 16-17 year olds.

We began with simple definitions of the word criticism and started with examples. But it got me thinking…should we or can we even do this? Or better yet how have I lived my life in this way?

I would like to think this idea unintentionally and eventually intentionally has driven most of my successes because they started with the idea that something cannot or should not be done.

I thrive in a world of challenges where the word no resides. I could list all the times I didn’t like something about my world and I found a way to change it or at least add my voice to it. That to me is living as an act of criticism.

But ultimately that statement means to me is use your voice for something and not to just speak. I feel like I do this, but damn it made me think. It made me want to be sure I keep trying to live that life.

Putting myself out there using my voice for good. For love. For kindness. For truth. I hope I can always do that. Not perfection, but living life as an act of criticism.

Pretty Sure that is Living Outloud, -MR


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