I could at least be grateful. 

Warning: Personal Post. 

I am grateful for a lot of things this year. Home life has been fairly calm as of late. My guy’s TN has been pretty well managed or I don’t freak out as easily. Maybe a mixture of the two. 

Work has been a bit more difficult because of the political climate. Somedays I feel stressed about testing and what not. But then I remember much like parenting I can control what I can control and let go of the rest. 

Therefore, I am grateful for finding passion in my job. It doesn’t feel like work and the students who I work with keep me motivated and I love it when they tell me I am unlike any teacher they have had. I try and challenge their thinking consistently of an English classroom. 

But mostly what I am grateful for combines my loves. A job that allows me the family time I have. I work hard for it, but this career choice was very intentional with the extended breaks. The ones that causes the public to make the claim teachers are lazy. I am anything but. I usually spend the time prepping and grading, but I get to do it with them. 

My baby girls who are growing up to be amazing human beings who care for others and are the sunshine I see in my life daily. They are smart, well rounded and caring. I am so very proud of them. I don’t share as much about them now because they are old enough to to tell their own stories. 

#1 is a freshman and wants to go to Rose Hulman. She wants to be either a orthopedic surgeon or a Nurse Practioner. She took a year off of softball, but will be playing this spring. 

#2 is a 7th grader. She wants to be a DJ. She loves music and mixing music and has a pulse on what is happening in music more than I have ever seen. It is kinda cool. She lives in her room and I pretty much have to force her to be social. She loves her friends fiercely. 

#3 is a 2nd grader and wants to be an elementary teacher. She is so smart, but is literally my only child not obsessed with her grades. I love it that she is that carefree. I do get a note from teachers she daydreams. But that is okay. She is obsessed with shopkins and kids YouTube. 

And my guy whose life has changed so drastically and very few know or understand that change more than myself and my girls. His life could be worse, but he has had to lose and change a lot of unfair things, but he does it and does the best he can. I am proud of him too. 

He is and has always been the guy for me. He is my home. It has never been a place, but a person. He is what I needed in this life. A center to my wild and deep introspective heart. 

I am grateful for my health. I know what it is to be unhealthy and have no desire or motivation. I know not being physical and athletic is a mess for me.

Here are some photos from our Thanksgiving holiday! Hope yours was as filled with love and good food as mine was. 


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