Will you ladies please stop it?

I am noticing a new trend with this generation, or if it did exist in my generation I didn’t participate. What in the world is with beating the world to the punch of beating ourselves down? Calling each other names like fat, ugly or worse…TRASH and the people calling one another that that are friends.

Can I just say say No!? No!? No!? Never will I accept a culture that already beats women up2754a42835a6348a1e288881db240e05 enough to have people who are supposed to support one another call one another names. It is happening everywhere. I see it on instagram, I see it in my classroom and I see it in my home.

I wouldn’t let a hater call me that, so why in the world would I let a “friend” call me that. So ladies can I ask a favor? Can you please lift one another up? It is NOT funny, it is NOT cute and it is NOT nice. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I am forty and my own brain is cruel enough to myself before the world even takes its shots at me. Be the perfect mom, the perfect wife, the perfect mother, the fittest women, the smartest and best teacher. Everything wants perfection from me.

So back to being forty….I am just now getting to the point where I have to shut the rest of that world out. It took me this long to realize perfection for me looks a lot different than what social media, media and the world shows me. So why would I call the people who I choose to surround myself with horrible names and say mean things about them? Or worst yet why would I consent to feeling like that about myself?

We work too hard to recover from that type of stuff. I feel like the trend is an anticipatory one that allows that to happen in a “funny” spirit before it happens in a mean one. Well I say No. No. No. Tell yourself, tell your girlfriends they are beautiful human beings with beautiful souls, eyes, faces and any other thing you can come up with. We need more of that.

Don’t espouse that you condemn hate and then perpetuate hate toward yourself or those you care about because it is funny. Let love win this one. Love needs to win this one. It just has too.


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