Stop this New Year New You Business.

I am definitely not starting off this year in search of a new me. In fact, I think my real goal is to continue to be okayish with the skin I am in. But do I have goals and things I want for the year…Yes!



  • To continue to push myself and feel challenged as an educator
  • To see my students as humans and be in appreciation of our time together
  • Learn from my colleagues
  • Stop Breath and Enjoy the Moments (The pressure is real but I gotta say NO!)
  • Less power to the frustrating narrative of educators and more power to myself in how I deal with the narrative….Just because they say it, doesn’t mean it is true.


  • More REAL connections to my guy and my girls
  • Continuing saying what is on my heart even if/when it is hard
  • Don’t get lost in my emotions and let them rule everything else (Damn I am so bad at this!)
  • Continue to find a way to be okay with what you see acknowledge mistakes and MOVE THE HECK ON!


  • Keep chugging away at becoming healthy in all ways
  • Run more
  • Lift more
  • Try a new exercise (Spinning or dance?)
  • Have my surgery and move on…don’t get caught up in what culture says it means
  • Continue clean eating
  • Continue use of essential oils and use them even more


  • Channel MR way more…She is kinda awesome!


Best of the new year to all of you dear readers. Many blessings upon you and yours. -MR


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