Choose you. 

Over winter break I did hammer chisel. I needed a slower pace that didn’t seem like such an exertion, but gives you the workout you need. I pretty much ate what I wanted with the knowledge I have a few things coming up this spring summer that I needed to clean things up a bit after break. Weights are nice because you burn more throughout the day and I can physically feel and see my body changing in more dramatic ways than cardio every day. I feel like with cardio it is slow and steady. Again this is just my body’s reaction and it may not be everyone else’s. 

Anyway if you have read here at all you know how I feel about Autumn. To me she is that perky girl in school who ignores the reality of the world and is condscending to anyone who acknowledges the world may not be perfect. You know the constant “get over it vibe”. I don’t know about you and your world, but sometimes you cannot just get over it. I have truly valid and legit excuses for not doing a work out. They may not be to her and she may tell me it is about priorities and she is probably right. But on most levels our paths to success don’t cross. But Autumn….sometimes she says or does things that just click for me.

Her portion control containers. It is easy to me. Sure when you sit there and look at a bunch of colored containers it looks daunting, but it really isn’t. You don’t feel hungry and you don’t feel deprived. But more importantly…you don’t have to count calories. But I needed Autumn in a way I never have before. I know how to do the containers like the back of my hand. But the downside to eating however you feel like I did for two weeks is that you have to rein it in. 

Sounds easy right? Nope people. Sugar…carbs…chocolate they are all so addicting you guys. I had two attempts of reining in my eating and carbs since Thanksgiving. Two that lasted a day or two. I still ate good, but little cheats here or there. Little cheats here or there lead to bigger cheats and then it is a free for all. But as I did one of the chisel workouts she said something fast and flippant and I latched onto it. I didn’t immediately become moved or even think much of it. I just had one of those “huh” moments. 

She said, “Choose you.” It just so happened it was a seed and it planted itself in my brain. A few days later it was all I could think about as we headed back to school which means back to everyone in my house having a crazy schedule, it means a new drama production, it means knee deep in college and high school curriculum and to add in my guy’s TN has massively been ramped up. Choose you kept replaying in my head. 

Well guess what this little mantra has worked and hence my revolution of two years ago is now my choose you campaign. When I am looking at food choices….choose you. When I am thinking about doing or not doing a workout…choose you. When I am thinking about getting up a little earlier for a workout…choose you. See how easily it works? Nothing like a little guilt to make the right decisions. 

If it isn’t moving me to a better version of myself it is NOT choosing me. Sometimes that chocolate is choosing me. Or sometimes deciding to rest my body is choosing me. Basically for me it works as a time stop, or a pause on life, to look around and think. Then I can proceed with caution and thought about what is best for me in that moment. So yes….choose you. We could all do that a little bit more. 

Now I started the core de force program. I took my stats and have loved the workouts. Well I didn’t love dynamic strength which is basically every kind of hellish push-up they can throw at you. But I did it. I modified and quit a few times with that one, but I can only improve. I am hoping my stats and before pics serve to inspire. I know they will create a story. But I am gonna let my motivation move me forward here. 

Wanna know my motivation? Myself. I want to feel good. My family because it is always them. I am playing a teacher that gets married in our school musical, Emma, and I have to wear a white wedding like dress on stage in March. I am having surgery in June and I won’t be able to workout majorly for at least 6 weeks, so I gotta go into that with my game strong. 

But my biggest motivation is so I can look in the mirror and like what I see. I can tell when I give 80% or 0% or 100%. 

So here we go (if you can’t tell from my photo here), even if I do sometimes question why I do this to myself. 

I choose me. -MR 


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