Challenge Over

Trainer Lindsey’s 14 day challenge. 

I finished up the challenge today. Overall, I enjoyed this challenge and didn’t feel too put out by it as far as the eating goes. It doesn’t always follow clean eating which I am inclined to follow out of habit at this point. But all I did was clean up the recipes I didn’t like and that wasn’t too hard. The primary issue I had was with the protein shakes. I am not a huge fan of protein shakes and not as many as Lindsey required, so I followed the alternative. The Alternative of 1 cup of egg whites which I am not a fan of. I kind of just choked them down or added cinnamon to fool my brain. 

The workouts were good, but my calorie burn wasn’t as high as I like to get. I would burn about 150-200 calories. I suppose I could have pushed myself a little harder, but I just added in weights (heavier or after), or cardio additional. I really liked the workouts though and the variations and emails from Lindsey are so nice and I felt supported and educated. The faceboook group she has for this challenge is useful, not really because I talked much on it. It was nice mostly to stalk and answer questions I had. I liked it. 

Food was really good. Most days I couldn’t eat all I was allowed but I tried really hard to stick to it as close as I could. I did have a few lapses that were chosen that way. Dinner with my guy. Recipes are good and plan was super easy to follow. 

So what you really want….I lost 5lbs and lost 7 inches. Most of the inches were in my hip and waist area. Overall, I loved the ease with which this program was to follow. The low carb days didn’t kill me and I honestly felt the best I felt on them even compared with 21 day fix. Bloating was non-existent and digestion was perfect. My energy the whole two weeks was really high. 

I am thinking I may try the 6 week challenge now and I am almost certain she has a free 12 week challenge. Please let me know if you plan to do this program. I would love to support you however I can. I do miss my Beachbody workouts. 


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