Year End Wrap Up – Mommy Rhetoric – 2017

Professionally as I finish up my 7th year of teaching I find that each year gives me what I need out of most whether it is professionally or personally. This year was no different. Two amazing things happened that all were preceded by a blah feeling. It was becoming an ‘old hat’. I like challenges and to be challenged by them, my thinking, my colleagues and my teaching. I find that my teaching fulfills my creative necessity in life. So ‘old hat’ poses problems.

img-thingThus enter the group of juniors I had this year. A group that my traditional teaching methods did not work on. My traditional methods I would call pathos filled, life has a purpose and what is yours lessons and that isn’t what they needed from me. Instead, I needed to find ways to reach them that were more effective and yet still meaningful to my own authenticity because the biggest and best part of my teaching is my being myself. When you teach teenagers that need that reassurance that being who they are is okay. I found it. I stumbled…but I found it. I reached them. Of course, as the year ends you look at yourself and your classroom and you see things that you could change or could have gone better. But I didn’t give up and I thought about it.

The second and likely most impactful to me as a professional and personally was feeling my own calling and purpose shift and change. The world has been trying to tell me in awhile, but I ignored it or just wasn’t picking up on it. I am not even sure I have entirely figured it out. But I am getting there slowly. It isn’t a story I am ready to tell or even have put all together. But I have found a voice I didn’t know I had. Now I just need to articulate it. My dream is bigger than I could ever imagine and it scares me. But I trust that signs I am seeing are God, or the wider universe nudging me or maybe even kicking me in that direction.

Contemplatively Yours – MR


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