6-8 Weeks of Recovery? What?! How?! Week # 2 Update

This week’s recovery has been going way too good. I feel really good. The one major side effect that has kind of been plaguing me and I am told is really common and could last for up to 6 months to a year is the fatigue. My doctor said the re-adjustment of losing an organ for your other organs causes unwavering fatigue.

It is a weird tired. It isn’t the kind where you just lay down and fall asleep. It is the kind where you are in a fog, your eyes, legs and arms feel heavy and weak. I am just hoping it subsides a little the closer I get to school.

When I prepared for this surgery mentally and heard of the long recovery period I envisioned weeks upon weeks of surgery pain and working through it all. Well guess what…that isn’t what is happening. I am sore yes.

But the actual recovery is so long because there are internal stitches that hold your muscles, abdominal walls and organs all together there and you gotta work back up to strength SLOWLY so that you don’t have a prolapse. Or as I say to my family, “So my guts don’t fall out.” The consequences of not recovering well and following restrictions are huge set backs and possible surgery. Nope. No thank you. Don’t want to go there again.

So basically, I usually look fine and for the most part feel fine and then I bend over to pick up a shopkin and wanna die. I sit down and remember. I step over the tub wall to get into the shower and oh yea there it is. Or I feel so good that I do way too much and guess what happens?

I did this this past Sunday. I woke up and felt great. I knew I could walk about 7000 steps and not over do it. So I did an extra lap on my daily walk, I did some light cleaning and went to my mother in laws. That night my stomach swelled up and I looked 4 months pregnant. Yesterday I felt like I had a bowling ball in my stomach, I was sore all over and I was walking so slow. Oh and I took three naps and still went to bed early. I also walked over 10000 steps…NOT OKAY!


To say I am going stir crazy is an understatement. The problem is my brain wants to do it all and thinks it can. My body says nope. I have lessons planned, I have home planned, I have watched too much netflix, hulu, and amazon prime. I have read pretty much every book I own. I have worked for my university on a committee. Oh and I am finishing up my final graduate communication course. Yesterday, I was so tired of it all that I just laid in bed, turned it all off and used the window as my TV. I am ridiculous I know.

But good news…I feel good. My girls have really picked up the slack as far as cleaning and cooking go. I cannot do any light cleaning till week 3. They have been doing laundry which I cannot do till I can lift more than a coffee cup (not sure when I will get there but know it won’t be till I see my doc at the end of the month).

I guess this is a good place to end. I do want to point out some positives from this because I seem so complainy.

  • My cancer risk has diminished significantly due to this surgery
  • My kiddos and guy have really appreciated all that I do and I have heard numerous times shock in all that I do in and outside of the home and how they cannot believe all that I do handle
  • I have had a lot of time to work on work and myself mentally which is good because I am one of those that rarely stops to do that sort of thing
  • All the podcasts…I love podcasts.





Week # 2 Recovery Stats

  1. Walking 2-2.5 miles on good days
  2. Weight loss is same (it is very common to gain upwards of 20lbs with this surgery but I am determined to not have that be me)
  3. Favorite Netflix Show: I watched Orange is the New Black, but I am not loving it like I did the previous seasons. I feel like this season has no plot line and the story is messy and not cohesive at all. I also watched a movie on Netflix with Bella Thorne about obsession and murder (can’t remember name). It was meh. Felt like a lifetime movie to me and not a good one.
  4. On HBO I watched Loving and it was really good
  5. Podcast that I fell in love with this week was Mogul. If you love the hip hop scene I recommend this for you. I cried, laughed and sang through the whole thing. I also got some lesson inspo from it. Stopped listening to Gone at 21 because it was kinda boring.
  6. Favorite things: Ice water, my guy, hugs from my girls, my walks and my teal blanket from Target (see picture above).
  7. Big Brother (you all know I am their biggest fan), but I love it this year because all three of my girls are obsessed as much as I am and have always been.

Sleep, riches, and health to be truly enjoyed must be interrupted.
— Johann Paul Friedrich Richter

Yours in healing and recovery – MR


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