Week # 3 Recovery…I am JUST that lazy!

I am pretty sure the funniest part of this whole recovery is the way people look at me when I visibly opt out of anything physical. My restrictions are nothing heavier than a coffee cup till I see my doc.

Picture this…three days post surgery and my husband has a dump truck full of mulch delivered and sitting in my driveway. It was July 4th and hotter than crap. He is using a wheelbarrow and a shovel and putting it all over our yard. As he is doing that his wife is sitting in the driveway sunbathing with her feet up. I am sure neighbors thought I was a real nice wife.

Oh there is more…at target with my kids. We had a cart full of stuff and I was told specifically not to push a cart. We wonder off and then we end up kind of in the way of a lady who was in a hurry and visibly irritated with us for being in her way. We make eye contact and she is giving me that look…like irritated, “Can you move that please?” Adding in my kids are kinda in her way too. I look back like no and tried to get my kids attention. # 3 is the only one who see me and hears me and tries and well it didn’t go well. At this point she is pretty mad I am not just moving it. I smiled and finally my # 1 sees it and moves it. The look and reaction I got because I didn’t move it was not so nice. Oh well.

Things are going pretty good. I did have some bumps in the road this past week. Thankfully nothing horrible and all completely normal for this recovery. One required dr. intervention and the other required me to LAY DOWN already! 😀 I just want to go on record and say that I have the best family physician. My surgeon is great, but not so great at getting back with me quickly. Nothing I had was an emergency, but it did need taken care of. Make that twice my dr. just said, “we got you”.

Then I was stupid…stupid…stupid. I don’t normally love when people call themselves that but I was. My family went traveling this passed weekend without me. I stayed home to “rest”. Well the freedom meant I did too much. I took a gigantic walk because I felt amazing. The night before I slept so good.


I mean seriously, I slept so good I took a picture the next morning. I have been struggling a bit with insomnia and waking up a lot during rest. So I decided to do a big walk. I walked three miles and pretty quick. They left and I went to Fort Wayne….BIG MISTAKE. By the time all was said and done this happened.


I am supposed to be resting. Here in lies the issue and I paid for it and my next hiccup. But thankfully nothing that 24 full hours of laying down couldn’t fix. The day after I walked 600 steps. I even told my instagram that day that it was dangerous how good I had been feeling because I feel mostly normal.

My biggest complaint right now is my appetite. I have none or if I do it is for crap. When I woke up from surgery the thought of coffee made me gag. It still exists. I love my coffee. I have one cup of black coffee every day and I still have been, but it doesn’t taste the same. I also do my shot of nxingxa daily and that has tasted horrible. I am still doing both…but blah.

I know my hormones are completely outta whack and I have been trying young living’s progessence plus to help with balancing them out. Just FYI I kept my ovaries, but it does take awhile for them to come out of shock or “wake up”. That I am sure is why my tastes have been screwy cause it reminds me of when I was pregnant with the girls and I am just trying to keep myself fed.

One last thought and a super positive from this experience is that when you are person that has lost so much weight and worked so hard to change your life and lifestyle and you have it come to a complete stop is hard. I knew it would be and I tried to mentally prepare because I use exercise to help deal with my anxiety and OCD. Last week was hard in this aspect. Then I took this picture.


And I compared it to this one…


And I remembered just how far I have come and just how I would have felt about being the size I am now when this journey started. That isn’t going to go away in 2 months time. It just won’t and it has given me a good mental break to stop being so obsessed with the scale and the inches. Now is about taking care of myself physically in a different way. You gotta love your body cause it is the only one you got. If I gain weight it is okay, I know how to lose it. So yea….I love this girl…I worked so hard to become her and I am still working hard to be her.


I decided to finish up the required classes for my communications MA to teach college level com courses. I still haven’t decided if I will compete the program. I want to but I may have set my sights on a different sort of program. Time will tell. Between planning for the school year (we have three weeks left before school starts) and working on my grad course I am sitting plenty and I always have a furry friend to check up on me.


My # 1 is playing high school golf this year. I am so glad. I keep trying to get her try different things in high school. She has played golf quite a bit but she struggles a bit with being perfect and I think golf is a good equalizer in that manner. So we will see. That is her on the course.


When I get tired of sitting/laying inside I move myself out to my driveway and work on my tan. I usually got a podcast or music blaring in my ears. I usually end up really tan from running. This year I guess I will get really tan on one side from sitting.


My baby girl and I.

Week # 3 Recovery Stats

  1. Gained 1 lb but have massively lost my appetite in a major way the last two days and I am sure that I am gonna lose unless something drastically changes.
  2. Streaming: Will (on TNT) and Riverdale
  3. Podcasts: My Favorite Murder (A classic for me) and Mogul (new episode)
  4. Music: J. Cole and Halsey have been on repeat
  5. YouTube Channels: TeachLikeAGirl and Mr.Thain
  6. Walking: 3 Miles when I am up to it
  7. Favorite things: Blueberry Muffins and my girls

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”
― Epicurus

On being grateful for where I am – MR




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