The Reality of MR’s Life

Comparison is the thief of joy. 

When all you have to do is spend 70-80% of your day sitting/laying/reclining there is a whole lot of people and world watching and a whole lot of I wish I could do what they are doing. Damn that stinks. The worst thing I am struggling with is following all these amazing teachers on Instagram. These teachers who have classrooms and exciting traveling lives all over the world. But add in those perfect instagram photos in general. The ones that are way more exciting then my trying to capture a picture somewhere else different in my house. Ha ha! I seriously don’t really struggle with this and thankfully it isn’t an issue other than I want to work out truly more than anything.

But what I have been thinking about is do I contribute to the perfect image of my life? Cause ya’ll it ain’t perfect. Right now I am sitting in my living room and # 3’s bag is still packed from when she spent the night with my mother in law. There is a bag of trash from my #2’s room. Shoes everywhere. Literally everywhere. No less than 4 blankets strewn everywhere and not folded. Empty glasses and exercise equipment I should have really moved before my surgery cause they are not moving now. You do not even want to know or even understand what my kitchen looks like. My kids try, but no one cleans the kitchen like momma.

This ladies and gentleman is my regular life. Yea it maybe magnified by my surgery, but it is the reality of my life. It is messy and disorganized and pretty damn chaotic.  I am raising three girls and not trying to live in a museum and the things we do together are way more important than how things look. We aren’t rich. Our house isn’t pinterest perfect or big.

Oh and my workout photos on my social media there is 6 to 10 before I pick one I like. Ah well!

But in the interest of being honest with my social media world, I decided to snap some shots of my true reality is and hopefully make things not seem as perfect as maybe I do.


See this picture…it is gorgeous. It is perfect. I am not! I love this road and I love to drive it because it is beautiful. But here comes some not so beautiful things.


Family picture where mom’s eyes are closed.


Or the accidental double chin pic. Gross!


And what the heck with that face?


That is what my room has looked like daily this summer. A bed with a mess of papers, blankets, a puppy and pens. This is summer lesson planning when confined mostly to your bed. Look close at the floor and (ignore my lack of a beautiful bed skirt) you will see a ream of paper for my printer I try not to trip over. Or even better that blackish line by it. That is where one of my children thought it would be cool to bring me double sided tape when they were little. I panicked and went to grab it and they thought it was a game and got excited and dropped it on the carpet. CAUTION FUTURE PARENTS: Don’t let double sided tape go onto the carpet. It does this. My guy and got new carpet two years ago and decided to not do our bedroom to save money and the fact that we are the only ones really in there. Oh well!


My legs have tons of crepey, saggy skin and this is actually a pretty clean living room even though it is pretty much anything but.


Guys life is incredibly imperfect and that is okay! Love those imperfections because in my opinion that is where the beauty of life lives. I will never remember how clean my house was. I will remember that usually every Saturday or Sunday my kids, my guy and I turn on Gangster Paradise radio on Pandora and clean. We giggle, dance and get it done. Those are the moments and things that matter. Not that my carpet isn’t new in my bedroom or that my kitchen counter likely has some crumbs on it once in awhile. And those double chin photos remind me of where I have been and where I want to go. And they make us laugh. It is kinda my thing.

No thief here…just love! – MR 


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