Best News Ever: Week # 5 Recovery

Well headed into week # 5 and feeling so good. I promised to focus on the good this week and I intend to do just that. I feel wonderful and this is a testament to just how crummy I was feeling before. There are two ways I want to share that I know things are back on track and I may have said it before so forgive me.

My nails and my hair growth. My nails are stronger than they have been since the second I had my previous surgery. They would split, crack and break. I just cut them yesterday for the 2nd time since surgery. I cut them the day I got home to give them a fresh start and to see what would happen. They got too long for me and were so strong that they kept hitting things and hurting. And my hair, for the last 6 years the hair on my legs never grew. Now I cannot keep up. Unfortunately, it came with ridiculous amounts of gray hair which I have since found is typical of the surgery. The hormonal adjustments make your hair fall out fast and your hair regenerates new hair as fast as it is can and pigmentation is the last priority in that regrowth. All I can say is thank goodness I see my hairdresser next week. Momma needs some color!

The best news of all for this previous week though is I saw my doctor and I defied her. She was pretty skeptical I would feel like going back to work when we scheduled my surgery. I was positive I would. Well she saw me and was shocked by how well my recovery is going and determined this teacher gets to start school with her students. I cried. I love my job! I would never put it before my recovery, but I didn’t have too.

I have to go back with some restrictions, but I get to go back. The restrictions didn’t concern her as much as just post surgery fatigue and if I am honest that is my only concern. But we both agreed we have no idea until we try it, so we try. No heavy lifting of more than 10lbs and lots of sitting breaks otherwise. She basically said work smart because my healing is going amazing and I don’t want to back track. I still have a week left before school starts.

As far as exercise goes that news is not as good. I cannot do anything that jostles the stitches I have. I can do low impact exercises like yoga and walk. But no jumping, sudden movements and massive core exercises. And absolutely no running…she said in three weeks I could try, but she said usually her runners are closer to 12 weeks out before they can do a full on run. We will see, I do know that even when I step off a curb when walking I feel it in my core bad so I know I am no where near ready which is fine. I have quite the power walk down and she gave me the go ahead to walk as far as I want to as long as I feel good. My body will tell me when it is too much. I celebrated yesterday by my longest walk yet and walked 3.5 miles (purposeful) and almost 6.5 just in the day. That is getting really close to my normal for a day….so I am happy!

Now can I be frank with you? I took my girls to the theatre yesterday and we took before photos and I didn’t like what I saw. In fact, I cringed a little. I have lost a lot of my core strength which I am sure is to be expected. But it is so visible to me. I am going to have to learn to be patient with myself as I work to get it back and build up my endurance to do so because it feels wrecked. I am not sure in this whole body journey I have ever fully fallen in love with my body, but I feel like I have taken major backslides in that area.

I was also so swollen because of the post hysterectomy “swelly belly”. It is a thing. Google it. But I am going to have to just learn to be gentle and kind with myself and remember it won’t always be like this. My weight has fluctuated quite a bit, but I have mostly lost so it isn’t a weight gain. In fact, my doctor said I am doing amazing in that department.

So yea I am gonna have to fall in love with the process of loving my body again. It will happen. This week was a good week. Lots of movement, but also lots of rest. My kiddos have been amazing and helping out so much. My oldest chauffeurs us around. I can drive but I get stupid tired sometimes and she needs the drive time so I let her. My middle has literally be doing all the chores around the house and taking care of me. She does my toenails and my bending over for me and picking up things. My youngest is my runner and gives me lots of cuddles. My guy has been great to and patient with my mood swings.

Here are some highlight pictures from the week.


Am I the only one who is always so grateful for my feet? I seriously am amazed at what I put them through and they just keep moving.



Lots of rest time in the sun. This past week has been gorgeous outside so I have been making a nice set up to binge watch shows, work on my grad work or lesson planning. Or just watch my girl practice her golf swing. She has her first match Monday. Nerves.


Working on bulletin boards in my classroom. Shout out to the teachers working and sweating without air in their classroom in the summer. The die cut machine was in a room that didn’t have air and I sweat. I need my kiddos to come in and help me finish them because they are higher and I am not brave enough to climb on chairs quite yet.


Don’t I have the cutest puppy? She has also been a huge part of this recovery. She makes me so happy and rarely leaves my side.



My first good and heart pounding walk. I burned almost 600 calories and was so happy and then look at my view. I don’t live on a farm, but I am surrounded by a farm. It is so gorgeous out here for this city girl.






Lots of time with my ladies this week. We had to shop for golf shoes for baby girl # 1 and I took my girls and my mother in law to the theatre to see Beauty and the Beast. I had a former student who was in the performance, baby girl # 1’s softball coach was in the show, my mother in law’s friend was in the show and someone we have been watching dancing for years where my girls have danced was in the show. As well, I have made tons of contacts through my theatre kids at school that I just want to support our local theatres which are rich in this area. And finally, we have been what I guess you call bed talks a lot this summer. I love them. I am so glad they want to hang out with me, but I am also grateful they are comfortable asking about the things they do. I am one lucky momma.


Week # 5 Stats

  • Down 3lbs
  • Listening to: I cannot get enough of Halsey’s new album
  • Streaming: Massively into Outlander from Starz
  • Working on: Mostly my grad work because this week ends this class
  • Lesson Planning: I have been lesson planning for my children’s lit class
  • Favorite things: 1) My guy and his amazing foot rubs or head rubs- He has been doing this since we got serious and they almost immediately put me to sleep 2) Lavender oil because it has grown on me so much this summer…I love it. 3) My puppy 4) Afternoon naps because they are the best

“Self-care is never a selfish act—it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer to others.”
– Parker Palmer

Trying to remember this always – MR


One thought on “Best News Ever: Week # 5 Recovery

  1. Ok, as you know I took a break from blogging and I hate to say an even bigger break from reading others blogs I enjoy……so I don’t know what you had done! What happened? I see you had a hysterectomy. Ugh, thanks for keeping us updated on your recovery. You are so strong! I love that you are thankful for your feet. I did a post about my feet about being thankful for my size 9.5 bunyuny sasquatch feet lol. They really do so much! Thank you Lord for our feet.
    So glad you are on the upswing and are heading back to work! Prayers your way MR. Oh and I am not a teacher but our church meets in an elementary school and there hasn’t been air all summer! My husband leaves with sweat stains on his armpits lol. Hope the start to your school year is filled with blessing and cool air 🙂

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