Making my life better.

Some have asked why I don’t sell the oils I use and I have lots of reasons….the biggest is that I don’t have time. But my oils are a daily part of my life and my kiddos lives. I am in love. At this point most of them I apply neat (meaning no carrier oil to dilute). I do dilute sometimes for my youngest.

I am almost two years into the oils and they have been revolutionary in my home. My kids use them daily, I use them daily and I replaced tons of medicines. I have also noticed all of us go to oils first before we go to meds to aid with issues.

I also use them in my classroom and find that students enjoy them and request that I use them to aid in productivity especially on work days or request them for calming. I typically use the same ones in my classroom. I mostly use thieves and lemon together diffused or peppermint. I try and be careful as I don’t want to over do it with any strong smelling oils.

I use many different oils, but I would like to talk to you about my favs today.

My favorite oils as of late are….


I haven’t always been a lavender fan, but is has climbed to a favorite. It is calming to me which is its goal, so I guess it is working.


This came as a recommendation after my surgery and it is used to balance your hormones and I can definitely tell a difference when I forget to do it. I forgot twice and I could tell immediately the next day.


Peppermint has long been a favorite. I love it! It helps to make me very productive and it is just a mood lifter for me.


My thieves cleaner is the best cleaner. I have basically turned into using it for everything. The two most recent things that shocked me in its use were I cleaned my shower and tub and it worked amazingly. I also used it on the hairspray that gets caked on the bathroom counter and floor. It worked instantly on both. I mean it was a piece of cake that required very little scrubbing on my part.


Despite this looking like an alcohol bottle, it truly is NOT. It is packaged like that but it is not. I have been drinking this daily since January. It contains wolfberry extract and other oils to help with immunity and many other properties. My kiddos drink it too. We love it. It only requires 1-2 ozs a day.


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