Recovery: 6th Week

This is where things really turned around. This was the first week I have been able to feel totally and completely like myself. I was able to forget I even had surgery a few times. I was warned recovery would be hard and it has been, but in the ways I expected. It is hard mostly because I want to do more than I can. I am not in massive pain or anything, but there is a built in something that causes pain if I take it too far.

My biggest struggle continues to be keeping my emotions in check. I get irritated extremely easy and I am praying I don’t take that into the classroom with me. Hopefully, I can just switch into Mrs. E mode and turn it off.

I was able to exercise everyday this past week. I did them all with no modifications. Basically, no jumping, squatting or floor moves. I did T25 which I consider my soul workout and was able to push myself, but was still extremely careful. I also took long walks every day and rode a bike one day.

So things are turning around slowly. The good news my pain has been minimal as far as pain I had before the surgery.

Most of my week has been spent planning, cleaning what I could and had the energy to do and I took the girls our our annual shopping trip. We went to Indy. Then celebrated # 1’s 16th birthday.

I head back to work this AM. I am so excited for the routine, but my family is home so I am kinda sad for that. They don’t start school till next week.







A lot of really great memories were made this past week, so I am grateful and extremely blessed.

Week # 6 Stats

  • Gained 2 lbs
  • Walking 3-4 miles
  • Daily workouts low impact


I’ve got this, I’ve always had this. – MR


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