It’s Been a Bit.

Not much has happened, but life really. Life happens so fast sometimes I barely have a chance to catch my breath. So I think a photo collage is in order. A recap of the last few months. I have had so many “topics” with which to write about, but I haven’t. I guess you could say I was living in the moment.

Our musical this spring is Shrek and with it has come everything with the intensity that is Shrek. So the free moments are often spent doing laundry, eating or sleeping.


So much grading that in fact all of the ink has been spilled from these pens. No joke! Oh and a puppy happened to. We rescued Kasey Tuli and maybe I already shared but who cares about extra puppy pictures? Not me and if you do…BYE! Kasey is four months old today. She came to us a scrawny 4lbs and needing some meat on her bones to 15 pounds of love and hugs with some meat on her bones. We are in love. She is just such a good dog.

But we love our Roxie the Doxie so much. We also appreciate your warm (not a big dog ) cuddles a lot more now.


And I like so many educators have felt so moved and upset by the Parkland Tragedy. I have no answers or solutions. I just want my kids safe. I want them to have an environment right in learning and acceptance and not fear and anxiety.  I am not going to lie this is one event that SHOOK me *using the colloquial term of today*. I want the people making decisions about this to make level headed decisions not based in fear or in money from lobbys.

And so much time spent in the car….It is never ending.

But sometimes with my favorite people!

And lots of coffee has to be procured because coffee and busy mom life just go together…so call me a cliche…I will deal.

So Shrek…it happens this weekend! ACK!!! The one where I play Queen Lillian (Fiona’s mom) and I co-direct with my work bestie and I so enjoy the warmth of stage lights.

And of course I have worked out. Almost every day. It is imperative when time is this crunched and stressful. New Workout pants help with motivation, too.

And what about just some plain random silliness from my life. An alum who is last minute writing a paper for their current classes in your room. Or the person who keeps drowning the plastic horses in playdoh and gets a stern warning from another student. Or an impending college visit for our girl. Or an amazing play watching a previous drama student strut her stuff in “I love you. You are perfect. Now change.” Or a movie or two. Or my guy who turned 44.

All of this chaos is not anything I would change in the least. I love it all.