Crackle in those joints: A year later.

Warning: Imma talk about my hysterectomy so if you do not want to know about it…GO! Leave now.


Alright I promised a year later update and I didn’t think I would but then I thought there are some important aspects of talking about getting an earlier in mid-life hysterectomy that I needed to talk about so I will.

My first thought and maybe question from others is about regret. The answer is no way no how. Most of my symptoms of post tubal ligation syndrome have been eradicated. They are gone. I have one cystic ovary that will occasionally cause me some trouble and only avenues is total hysterectomy and I am not about that right now because the hormonal imbalances that immediately followed my surgery were tough.


July 2017

For those that don’t know there are two types of hysterectomies. One puts you into menopause. One does not because you keep one or both ovaries. I still have my ovaries. It did take them a little longer to wake up and they definitely do not always function as they should but I am pretty evened out with the help of my oils. I use progessence plus to help keep them regulated. As well as, just being in tune to my body aka getting enough sleep, eating as healthy as I can and watching my weight.

I should also credit the keto diet for regulating my hormones as well. If you remember it was recommended by my doctor to help with surgery recovery and hormonal imbalance. Of course, I cannot prove that keto or the oil worked. But I also cannot prove that they did not.

I feel amazing for sure. My body is way more balanced than it was before as far as emotions, fluctuations in mood and energy levels. My acne that I struggled with and the massive amounts of pain caused by PTLS are gone. So yea no regrets.

There is a downside though. My joints aged quickly. Ortho doesn’t know if that is symptoms of surgery or just years of being overweight, highly active now and on my feet all the time. They literally crackle all the time. They did before, but now they really crackle.

I also found out I needed surgery due to floating piece of debris. I can do that whenever I want and I did not want to do it this summer like at all. If it gets terrible during the year then I will do it because recovery is not terrible. Otherwise, I just baby it (aka I don’t really get to run long distances anymore) and if it is bothering me I take it easy. I also will get steriod shots in it every six months. I was freaked out by the shot, but it really, really helped. Now I noticed my hips and shoulders are joining the crackle party. Grab tissue paper and wad it up. That sound is my joints.

My tolerance for BS is super duper low. Like I have none and I may be a tad grumpier than usual.


June 2018

But it is all good. I always see the positive. The positive is that the pain from PTLS is gone. The positive is I am forced to pay attention to my body and give it what it needs. In my book that ain’t bad. And last and final positive is that I did not gain a ton of weight as is sometimes common with the surgery. In fact, I lost 40lbs since last year. Wahoo! Oh but I do have quite a few additional wrinkles. Oh well!




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