Food & Sweat: Week # 1 Run Down

Well made it through my first week of diet and Core De Force. First off this program is amazing. Very few get up there for me like Shaun T. This one….I love it. It is MMA Fighting and I feel so strong and empowered. It is extremely hard and challenging, but I push through every single time. That means something. I tend to get bored easily in workout. I like to be challenged, but not the point that I feel bad about myself. Cause when that happens…I quit. Quitting here isn’t an option!

I am also doing weight lifting through hammer chisel when time allows usually three-four days a week. I love it too. I always see the best leaning out when I do this program. My bones protrude and my curves change. I like it. I also like how empowered I feel when I am doing these types of workouts. Basically, I like to work out. I hate it when I am in it and doing it…but I love the way I feel after.


Pistol squats are literally one of my least favorite exercises.


Flexing my best. 🙂

So this week was good. I did get some tough news this week. I didn’t respond by eating my feelings. I stayed on track and took rest days to rest my brain. I took two and I took them knowing my eating needed to be 100% on point and it was. My food this week has been my success. I tried new things and I tried to not get bored. Boredom also causes failure. I learned a lot.


First, Aidell’s Chicken Apple Sausage is amazing. Scrambled with an egg or tossed with green beans even better.


Zucchini Lasagna Boats. I made my family lasagna in the traditional way. Then I took two zucchinis and scooped the seeds out. I added about a 1 – 2 tsp of of my ricotta mozzarella mixture inside the boat. Then I added in the red sauce meat mixture onto that and topped with a shake of Parmesan flakes. This did not look near as good as it tasted. I did love it though!


The way I succeed? I plan. I plan to a T to my workouts. When I have to miss one I plan my remake immediately. Somedays that means two workouts or sometimes it means it gets tossed all together. But I plan. My food plan isn’t as organized. I found last year when I did this that too much planning equals fail. I have options set up, so in a sense I plan. But I have easy option fall backs too!


Finding Me Again.

week1aIt is so easy to lose myself when I am in school. I spend so much time working with others trying to find their words and themselves, then I come home and I take care of my family and my house. So when it comes time for me to take care of me so little is less. I gave myself two weeks to wallow in the “I am tireds”. I shared that carbs were my friend. I shared I looked for comfort.

But then I reminded myself the reason the whole “less of me” movement began and it centered me. I HAVE to take at least a half an hour for myself. Iweek2b get to choose how that half an hour is spent. For me exercise is a good way because I always feel better after. Therefore, this week I did that. I didn’t really feel like it always or even want to. But I did it. I came in the door and immediately threw on my workout clothes. This is always a motivator for me because it says do it.

After two days I remembered why it is so important to me. I am more centered and focused with my family and my job when I take care of me first and it isn’t that I had to relearn that. It is more I just have to refocus and recenter again. Calibrate if you will. Honestly, what happens when I do that I am able to get more done, I feel better about myself and I sleep and feel better.

week1cFor me health is important now. I weigh usually in the 140’s somewhere. However, I truthfully would like the 130’s and I wouldn’t be opposed to 125 to 130. The 140’s is the high end of the ideal weight chart. The 125 is the lower end of that and truthfully I want to be more lean than smaller. So until my birthday (I am gonna be 40!!! What?!!!?) I am gonna be hyper focused on this goal. Not obsessive. Not unhealthy. But watching portions, remembering abs are built in the kitchen and eating clean.

I celebrated this past weekend with stuffing my face and eating junk. Monday it was on. I followed my plan faithfully. I worked out every single day except the worst day of fatigue for a teacher and that is FRIDAY. Friday will always be rest day. My eating has been completely on point. The results of those efforts have been large.

I lost 3lbs and 3 inches. In all actuality I lost 5 inches, but I gained inches in my biceps, week1bforearms and calves. I know most of my weight loss was more bloating because I cut way back on sodium. But still it is progress. But always what is more important is that I feel better. My color is good, my fatigue is so much better and my energy levels have sky rocketed.

I had my vegan chocolate shakeology every day for breakfast, I have limited myself to 2 servings of carbs (hardest addiction to break), and no sugar at all other than natural occurring sugars. The biggest benefit of all is the massive amounts of clarity that happens when my diet is strict and clean. It makes it all worth it.

I didn’t lose myself as much as I forgot my priorities for a minute.

Less of Me is a Thing, – MR


I am not a Beachbody coach, but I love their products and have found so much success with their programs and products. Beachbody On Demand (think Netflix for fitness peeps!) is my most use product. If you are interested in any info or products please go to this link —-> My Beachbody Coach

You mean I struggle too.

IMG_2355I started school August 3rd. I started consuming carbs like it was my job August 3rd. I didn’t stop. I hid them in my desk. I hid them in my home. Sometimes I blatantly ate more just because no one saw the first time. I bargained with myself that tomorrow would be better. That I would try harder or it would start next Monday. Three weeks in and I am tired of it.

For me….. WHEN I EAT LIKE CRAP I FEEL LIKE CRAP. Two migraines since school started and my digestive issues knocked on the door again. The truth here is you do what you know. For me stress means carb load. My last year and 8 months of hard work didn’t matter. In fact, I think it mattered even less because the scale didn’t move. I felt like I got a free pass.

But I know how that works. My metabolism is high. That means I can eat and burn *for now*. But that *for now* is short lived. I didn’t exercise the first week. I won’t beat myself up for it. Last week I exercised 5 out of the 7 days. That was even better. Today my eating is in tune. My exercise is in tune. There is no restart next Monday. The restart is now.

It scared me how easily I could just pop back to my old ways. On Thursday of last week I IMG_2370came home tired, had a horrible day and I opened the fridge and there was a pepsi in there. I grabbed it and popped it open and chugged. I haven’t had a pepsi since January 2015. It was too easy and the temptation was natural. Grab it drink it…chug it. I did. Then I felt horrible about myself.

That was all it took. Friday I was at the grocery store and I was back to myself. Eating my low carb, clean diet. I am not playing that game with myself ever again. Exercise is my way to deal with stress. Not pepsi, not veggie straws and not 1000 granola bars. But I guess sometimes I forget or I want to easy way out.

Word to the wise, there is no easy way out. The only easy way out is through and through it I will be going. Thankfully, not too much damage was done except to maybe my body that needs a small detox. Day four into this and I am feeling pretty decent. Plus a few knee pairs of tights help with the motivation. 😉

Proving Less of Me is an ongoing battle, -MR

I was one of those survivor reality people. 

My guy and I have watched survivor since the beginning. Well he has more than me, but one of the parts we bond over are the food rewards because we just know that all that glorious food and is going to come back and kill them. 

If you follow me on my social media stuff you know I have been down and out. Not an illness. Not an ailment. A punishment. I drastically changed my diet so much apparently while on vacation my body rebelled against me. 

On our way home I started feeling off. I couldn’t really say what was wrong. I just knew it wasn’t right. I exercised every other day and I still ate pretty good. But I definitely upped my carbs and likely lowered my greens. I opted for fries instead of broccoli. 

One night my stomach started hurting to the point I was doubled over in pain and couldn’t walk or move. Went to ER for two crappy visits where I was treated horribly. Tried seeing my OB/GYN who ran a bunch of tests and seemed pretty perplexed at where it was coming from. Recommended bland diet and rest but wanted me to seek further attention if pain worsened. Two hours later it reached a peak worse than it had. 

Attempted to go a third time but due to the previous ER treatment and super busy waiting rooms I opted to struggle through at home with lots of sleep and no food.  Finally, I made it into see a doctor in Fort Wayne on Saturday and had an X-ray. 

Found out due to the stupid surgery I had 6 years ago that has done nothing but cause me trouble has caused scar tissue adhesions all over my digestive tract. Therefore, my changing my eating habits has kept this potential problem at bay. Until vacation when things started getting infected and ulcerated and lodged because I drastically changed the way I ate again.

Thankfully, the doctor was extremely nice and didn’t push me away since I had “just” stomach pain and could not bear children. If you can’t have kids and have stomach pain you basically have to be bleeding out to get someone to listen. 

Basically, my digestive tract needs to heal now. I have been on a liquid and fruit diet. I am now on a fairly bland diet and I honestly will struggle to eat any sort of ridiculous not essential carb (think white potatoes, chips or limited grain breads). I never want to feel like that again. 

I would place the pain with child labor. I basically hulled up in my room and used Vicodin from my March surgery when I didn’t need it. I am just grateful for an amazing doctor that finally listened to me and didn’t think I needed to just suffer through. 

It will likely take me a while to recover and I am thinking about trying Whole 30 or the Ultimate Reset to give my body time to heal. I hate meds and now I am on three to heal and recover. I strongly believe food, rest and taking care of yourself spiritually, physically and mentally means more than any med you could take. Hoping between diet and oils I can turn this around. 

So even though I knew better I still struggled be caused fries. Fries will always be the bane of my existence. 

I eat food. Shocker. A year long perspective.

IMG_0587I had the funniest experience the other day. Someone in passing conversation said to me, “Well, I am not sure what you eat anymore.” I chuckled to myself. I don’t think they meant it as an insult. In fact, I think they were probably trying to be respectful of me and my food choices.

But I did laugh inside because what would I eat? I am not lugging around protein shakes and baked chicken everywhere. That is the cool part of eating clean is that I know what I can and won’t eat. I can accommodate my eating to almost any place.

I don’t eat a lot of chemicals, but for me somethings are just worth it to me. I know I will pay for them when I eat them but they are worth it. My number 1 is doughnuts. Since this whole journey began I appreciate things that I had on the regular. Doughnuts is by far the top of the list.

So let’s talk about some things. Kpuff and I have literally been on opposite schedules for months at this point. Our kiddos are all over the place and never the same place. I have IMG_0616had to rely on myself to get moving and it is sometimes difficult. Thankfully, I am married to someone who cares about his fitness. When he moves it usually will get me moving. Also exercising every day at home helps because when my kiddos don’t see me move they remind me.

I have been bringing it hard every single day. I created my own Hammer routine that includes running. I lift weights every day with Hammer and then I run almost every day. I usually will give myself one running rest day (2 if I am especially sore). My eating has been on point and I am aiming for 1200 – 1400 calories a day. It is very high protein with added carbs because of the lifting.

I have lost a few pounds but I am still up. I am glad though. I have been working on toning since January. I can finally get to where I can tell a difference. I am trying to focus less on a scale and more on inches and how I fit into my clothes. I was uber happy last night to see a comparison photo from early this year to yesterday. I look thinner in my most recent, but I am actually heavier.


Anyway…this whole process remains to be about me. I try and not compare myself with anyone else. I try and beat my own times, I try and beat my own heaviest lift. When I focus on others is when I lose my momentum. It may be the most selfish thing I have ever done or continue to do, but it matters because it keeps me moving for everyone else that I need and want to take care of.

It has been over a year and I still get up and have that date with myself where I burn calories. It as much a part of me as brushing my teeth and putting on deodorant. It is just me at this point.


Yes I eat {Summer Hiatus}

I eat too much probably.

Summer Hiatus 2.0 # 4 


Followed by what happened when I eat crap.

Summer Hiatus 2.0 # 5 


You can’t tell from the picture…but I am sporting the migraine of the year. A two pill migraine (meaning I have taken 2 of my overly priced migraine pills and still feel awful). The good news is an early night and hopefully a lesson learned (EAT CLEAN MR!!!) I am feeling much better this am.

About this time last year…

“Perhaps that is where our choice lies — in determining how we will meet the inevitable end of things, and how we will greet each new beginning.”
Elana K. Arnold, Burning

I was hitting the streets in my running shoes on a whim. I saw my guy run and I thought, “Hey, I like to run. If he can. I can.” And I did. I am not the world’s fastest runner, nor do I intend to be. Some people focus on distance and others focus on speed. I think I am more at my own mommy rhetoric jive of fast one day, distance next without purpose or rhyme or reason.

Last year to keep myself moving and focused I played the lyrics to “I am a solider” & “Lose Yourself” by Eminem. For me the words kept me moving forward chugging away at my excess weight both mentally and physically. This year’s theme in my mind are two reoccurring phrases….Purposeful Intention….React with purpose. I have goals both physically, professionally, emotionally and every other ally I can find. If I follow through with the the two phrases I will succeed or at least know I tried.

So today I started my new Hammer Hybrid as I have hashtagged. I am Mommy Rhetoric and I can make up my own hashtags. This am everything that could go wrong did go wrong and I was so very close to saying, “I will start tomorrow.” I am very in tune with the universe and my own spirituality so when things go wrong I take that as divine intervention.

But something in me told me to turn my car around, change my clothes, grab my already packed lunch and say “Not today. I will start this today.” And I did it. I am so glad I did, too. I forget just how colorful eating is on the container program. So many pretty colors and varieties and the flavors.

I don’t intend to share every single meal, but I am sharing today because I am excited and my food was not just amazing….but it was AUUUUUMAZING! I had a shakeology for breakfast, 2 hard boiled eggs. Then for a mid-morning snack a half of an english muffin with 1 tsp of peanut butter and half a banana.

And this is where it gets amazing. For lunch, I prepped salsa chicken (you can find in my 21 day fix days)  yesterday, salsa from scratch, brown rice and black beans. I compiled this all to make a “burrito bowl”. I can tell you right now I won’t ever eat at a Chipolte because of their food issues and my OCD. However, I know how amazing their food was. When I sat down to lunch today I wasn’t expecting much. I figured it may be edible and that was my goal. It tasted just like chipolte. It was so good. I had a salad on the side with ginger dressing. (Brown rice = 1 yellow) (Black beans = 1/4 yellow) (salad = 1 green) (salsa chicken = 1 red) (salsa = green) I can’t remember if salsa is free or a green, but I call it a green.

FullSizeRender (2)

I didn’t stop there either. When I got home in my crock pot I had a lovely pork loin roast in the crock pot to shred for carnitas. I came in the door and took two thin mission corn tortillas and draped them over the oven rack. I shredded my pork, topped with my more from scratch salsa. I placed the meat in the toasted tortillas topped with lettuce, more salsa and 1 tsp of colby jack cheese. I did this twice. (corn tortilla = 1 yellow) (carnita meat = 1 red) (lettuce and salsa = 1 green) and snack tonight was watermelon.


I also got my three mile run in and Hammer 10 minute abs. I am quite proud of myself for that hard work. But I stuck to the plan, no derailments and no “cheats”. Day # 1 is in the books. I have had a mild headache all day I assume from the sugar consumption that I have experienced the last few days. It isn’t at all not manageable.  I feel great otherwise. And we run on…

Authentic Self 

Confession time…


  1.  I have gained 3lbs
  2. The last two weeks have been so work and home stressful combined
  3. I gave myself permission to emotionally eat
  4. I also gave myself permission to not exercise unless I had the energy to do it 
  5. I didn’t put myself first and I know I should 
  6. I resorted back to some of my old habits 
  7. And finally…I don’t care. 

I refuse to beat myself up. Does that mean I didn’t have moments of regret? No. I had quite a few. I also knew exactly what I was doing and was aware of the consequences. The reality was I had massive responsibilities at work outside of my classroom the kind of things the public forgets that teachers do. I found myself longing to just walk into my classroom and just teach. But I also love being there for my students, so I willingly choose to serve my student population outside of classroom. And yes it hit hard and fast the last three weeks. Throw in a nasty virus that hit our house, a sad death in our family and my grad course. 

And yes Mommy Rhetoric didn’t make the best choices. But I did try and be really in tune with the physical and mental need for physical activity. Today to jumpstart my personal motivation I did what I always do…I listened to Shaun T.’s “Trust and Believe” podcast where he spoke about being your authentic self. As I walked and listen I really started to think about exactly how far I have come. I found this part of myself the last year that has made me feel honest and true to who I am more than anything other than my guy. 

And that is that I need exercise like I need water, food and love. If I constantly stay in tune with that I feel like I am truly being who I am. I would love to tell you I exercised faithfully every single day. I didn’t though. Some days I literally came home and put myself to bed from sheer exhaustion, other days I had a cup of coffee and I ran till I couldn’t anymore. That is me being my authentic self of being so in tune with myself that I recognize the needs of my body and you can’t beat yourself up for that. 

But you know what I have been so happy the last three weeks. Happy because I am living in my truth and my passion. That is taking care of my family, being there for my students and fulfilling my passions. But alas the time has come….the calm. Summer is approaching and the focus can now shift back to making me a priority. I started today. I have been struggling with programs for awhile now. 

I have running goals. Doing a complete workout program start to finish sometimes makes my running goals fall by the wayside. But I started to think I had seen other hybrid versions of workouts that included running, so I began to think maybe I could combine my more recent love of lifting with my old faithful running. I sat down and created a 30 day Hammer (Sagi from Hammer and Chisel) a Running Hybrid program. I intend to do the 21 Day containers because I know how important nutrition is to lifting. Truthfully, for muscles to do what you want them to do (and look how you want them to look) you gotta eat right. So I will follow the eating plan for “leaning out”. 

I am not gonna lie, I am so proud of myself for doing that. That was a huge step in the right direction after the last month or so where I haven’t been too goal oriented. I am starting tomorrow and I am gonna kick some butt. Today I was feeling frumpy and blah. So I did what I do when I feel like that….first I listened to Shaun T. And then I took a shot to do a side by side to remind myself just how far I have come and then it all seemed silly and I moved on. There is tomorrow. I get a reset. RESET hit and hybrid program on. Whoop! 

I don’t want to be your inspiration.

Photo (1)The last few months I have heard the phrase, “You are such an inspiration” so much and I naturally do not take compliments very well, but this one has never set well with me. Once I hear it I often go into my own head recounting all the things I have done that day to prove I am anything but an inspiration.

It is no secret the year of 2015 was the year of Mommy Rhetoric. I figured my shit out. I got myself together. I made myself a priority. But the more you think you have it all together and figured out the more I realized I have nothing figured out and just when I think I do have it all figured out the more the universe says, “Oh hell no.”

The year 2014 was hands down the worst year of all of my life. My life crumbled. I dealt withIMG_4854 the worst life could throw me. I pretended to be okay, but all the while I was a pile of mush and mess of emotions that I had no idea how to deal with. I told myself and others I was okay, while inside I traveled further and further away from who I really was.

The reality is that in 2015 I was forced to deal with that separation from myself and others. I lived through a crisis and came out on the other side. What came out on the other side was a crumbled version of my family and a crumbled version of myself. I felt like I was in a forest and fighting to find my way out. I said it before and I will say it again. My brain, my body and my heart gained an irrecoverable wrinkle that forever changed me and them. It then became my job to put myself back together so that I could help put them back together. And that process…it ain’t easy.

I struggled forgiving others in my life who couldn’t save me from that forest especially the ones who I felt like didn’t even try. I still struggle that they can’t forgive me for being lost in the forest. I saw true nature of others image1and they saw my own true nature.  I stared at my faith in the eye and had it more defined for me than it had ever been and if I am honest all of that was incredibly ugly, and angry.

I had to find a way to forgive a lot. But most importantly I had to find a way to forgive myself. And being honest I am not even sure I am there yet. This type of forgiveness takes time, grace and whole lot of love. And the process really doesn’t feel all that inspiring. So when I hear, “you are inspiring” I feel like a fraud.

My weight loss is so much more than an inspirational story or a container system or work out program. It is my therapy. It is my method of coping and dealing with life handing you lemons and choosing to use that lemon for my water instead of making a pie. It is my way to get into my own head and figure my shit out. Mile by mile. Workout by workout. Doughnut by doughnut (okay, I am kidding! maybe?).

I know I don’t normally cuss on my blog anymore, but if I am here and I am truthful and I am Mommy Rhetoric in all her glory. The only word that adequately describes what the last few years have been like for me it is necessity. It is therapeutic and it is my truth. Working through this is a process that I feel like could take me a lifetime. Someday it feels like I have made progress and other days it feels like I am right back to where I started.


It is true my life is exponentially better. But never mistake that Photo (2)for a perfect and inspiring life. We still deal daily with how our lives have changed and I am really only beginning to see some parts of the ramifications of this messy life. But on the hard days I hit the road or a sweat a little longer. Or I have a doughnut.

But I also still battle the beast that is emotional eating. I get bothered sometimes that people think I am always so good because I think they would be disappointed in me or would be shocked to see just how uninspirational I truly am. But that is one thing I hope I have done in this journey and that is sharing my truth that can one day offer up a day of doughnuts, Dr. Peppers and french fries and the next show a disciplined athlete and eater.

I don’t have those Dr. Pepper days as much that is true, but they still exist and no that doesn’t make me a cheater or a bad person for eating “bad” food. It me dealing with reality. Some days are harder than others. I never look at a day as the sun comes up and think today will be a bad day or today will be a good day. I honestly tackle the world minute by minute.

I hit each day and I tackle it the best I can. Some days I kill it. Other days I fail miserably, but the most important part of all of this is….. I hit each day and I tackle it the best I can. That is a decision I make and that is the one and only inspirational part of my story. Not the inches lost, not what a square box says, not what I put in my mouth and certainly not how my clothes fit. It is deciding every single day that I am worthy of this life and that I need to tackle every day and what it brings. Even the hard stuff.

So when you are searching for inspiration please don’t find it in people. Find it in yourself. We are all beautiful in our own ways and we find a way to not only see those ways, but honor them by being who you are unashamedly and without hesitation. The world wants to see your true authentic self and that is where inspiration lies. That is what I hope makes me inspirational to all of you.

I encourage each of you take a minute and look on your phone or a device and find a picture where you are truly smiling. Not a fake selfie taken 30 times for the right angle or light. Just a picture that is snapped where you see pure and utter happiness and tell yourself this life throws us things…crappy, crappy things, but you chose to smile. That is where love lies. Love always wins. 


A family stronger than ever. A woman being comfortable in her own skin and who she is. A man recovering from an incurable neurological disorder and major life disruption. A man and woman trying to raise daughters the best way they know how. Two teenage girls and all that entails and one baby girl who has so much yet to conquer. All those smiles. Those personalities. That is LOVE WINNING.

Signing out as Mommy Rhetoric and still searching for Less of Me (let me know if you find it)

Taco Challenge. 

My #3 is so into YouTube kids that I have to demand she take breaks from the iPad or her TV. She knows, watches and sees literally every kid like YouTube challenge that exists. Thus the birth of a new idea for our family. Winter meals are so hard around here for a few reasons. 

I get so bored cooking in the winter because we get into a rut of eating the same things every day. I know what they like and they aren’t fans when I change it up without their permission. The second reason is I work normal business hours. My school practices the later hours so we go from 9-4:30. Then I work about a half an hour from work. Or add in a drama production. Dinner requires quite a bit of advanced planning. 

  Well with the challenges I was thinking I could add a food challenge for us to spice it up. My family loves tacos of many varieties. We have kinda perfected our own beef taco, but I get bored with it. We sometimes will throw chicken tacos in there. On Christmas night I challenged my family to eating tacos twice a week through March. 

And we begin pinning recipes like crazy.  I am hoping it gives us something to look forward to weekly. Tacos are very easy to accommodates to my healthy eating. It is easy to plan or make ahead and throw together. The girls get excited by the possibilities of something different. 

We went ahead and started this week….with one new taco recipe and one I make when we need to eat it for a day or so. We started with fried tacos and I threw in fried tortilla chips. The recipe was amazing and I just kept our usual taco recipe. To make the healthy alternative I ate mine out of a sturdy lettuce leaf. You can use any type of green leaf veggie. We loaded ours up with tomatoes, lettuce and salsa. Honestly, in my opinion salsa is the key ingredient to most tacos. I prefer to make my own, but when there isn’t time I will purchase from our local Mexican restaurant. But at the store I will buy the cleanest variety I can get my hands on. 

My guy and I have a tradition every New Year’s Eve to have spicy Mexican cheese dip. This year I made it, but didn’t eat much because it isn’t really my thing anymore. But to go with with it I decided to make our tried and true carnitas (aka park tacos). This is a family favorite, but when you make it you gotta plan on feeding either a lot of people or eating it for a few days.

We take a whole pork roast and put it in the crock pot with 1-2 cups of water. Add taco seasoning and one jar of salsa. If you like it hot I suggest adding sriracha sauce. Then let that baby cool in its juices till it shreds with a fork. Then remove it and 

  keep the liquid. Shred the pork. Throw into a sauce pot, add back the juices and cook till the liquid evaporates. This is the secret because it intensifies the flavor. Skipping this step will make a milder boring flavor in my opinion. If time allows you could add shredded pork back to the crockpot for an hour or so. I have done both. Serve however you would serve a taco. It is amazing. 

So we had that last night with our dip. My girls will eat it and we have food leftovers for today. It is pretty much the only way I will eat pork. I am not a fan of pork like at all. I have tried to like it but NOPE. For my family any taco must have Mexican cheese….the only place I can find it is Kroger and it their store brand. It is called Queso Blanco Quesadilla Cheese. If you can find a block of Monterey Jack shred it and it works similarly.  

I can also tell you my family is incredibly picky about shells. They don’t usually like a hard shell. They love Mission extra fluffy soft shells. To make it healthier use the trick above serving taco fixings in a leafy green, but if you don’t like that or prefer a carb here you can opt for a corn tortilla. I opt for the cleanest version I can find. If lay them over your oven rack hanging over at 350 they will crisp up in about five minutes. You could also make a flat version on a cookie sheet. Sometimes I will add a tablespoon of coconut oil to a pan and crisp them that way. That is usually when I am not in a program. That is because coconut oil is good for you. If I want to brown something this is usually my preferred oil because of these facts.

So happy taco challenge to my family. I am sure we will fail, but it will be so fun trying to master this challenge and yummy.