The Downside of Keto & Figuring it Out

IMG_9094I love keto. What I love most is that in 8 weeks I have lost 18lbs and that I have crazy weeks like last week where I lost 8.5 inches. Yes 8.5 inches and that was with three pitiful workouts in that week. But the end of that sentence is the downside.

I have been almost 4 years at this point maintaining an extremely active lifestyle. So to find a diet that I am losing weight and feel amazing, but cannot work out has been a struggle. I don’t just work out for the weight loss.

I suffer from an anxiety disorder and it a key component in how I manage my OCD. It is also the best way I have found to deal with all the stress and emotion that comes from teaching, being a parent and just life.

The reality is that keto for me creates no umpf in any workout no matter what I try. SoIMG_9122 last week I started on Saturday I had a carb cycle day. A day where I ate pretty much whatever I wanted. I didn’t go totally crazy and eat like crazy, but I didn’t limit my carbs down to the 20 I typically limit it to any other day.

I did it again this week as well. As well twice during the week right before bed I consumed a full size chocolate bar. Nothing crazy high in carbs, but enough. This awesome thing happened I have been able to exercise more and am maintaining the loss of weight and inches. This is me flirting with carb cycling.

I am still researching and studying the science behind carb cycling, but I feel like it will work well for me and the reality is that I am feeling so amazing about this diet and I only have 7 more pounds until I am at my first goal.

I am staying the course and eager to see where I end up. Once I reach my goal I will again try and decide the best course of action. What keto has done for me is relieved me of my sugar addictions. I eat entirely clean. It also has paved the way for if I want to eat 21 day fix, Whole 30 or keep on Keto I can. I feel freed.




Saturday Sharing – Keto Life (Otherwise known as the Bacon Life)

16.5 Inches – 13 Pounds WOAH!!!!

Yes you guys…these are my month and half of keto stats. Those inches are INSANE and I am so glad that I looked at this. Most of those inches are in my waist and hips. As well, I feel like my body is beginning to heal better. I feel it and can tell. I will try and update this post with a picture later today.  While you wait here is a visual chart of my weight loss and my chart to my actual goal over the last six weeks.

FullSizeRender 2

Top left is today and top right 6 weeks ago and yes I have lost much my tan. Bottom right was today and bottom left was 6 weeks ago. I don’t know why I did them opposite.

But I am not gonna lie sometimes I lack the inspiration of the diet. I just use my standard go to of eggs of some variety and bacon. So much bacon. When I grow tired of these two things I am worried for what that means.


I do find that I need more and more fat. I am not getting enough and you have to be super careful about not all of your fats coming from proteins because higher proteins can turn into glucose which can mess with ketosis. This is the stuff I am slowly learning.


So I have been trying to find more fats like this while joking soon I will just need to chew on a stick of butter. While I hope it doesn’t come to that I did try an experiment this week. Last week I had very little change as far as weight (I even gained and lost two pounds a few time) and inches were minimal I sat back and thought about what I did. The difference I believe was that I ran every single day. I was also burning almost 3000 calories and eating about 900-1200 calories.


Keto makes you not hungry. Like at all. I seriously cannot eat enough and I am going hard running or working out I know my weight loss will stall. It also stalls when I am doing that eating that calorie range. I try and eat more and feel pukey. But something unique happened last week. I ate this!


Admittedly I didn’t eat it all, but I woke up the next day thinking I would gain a ton of weight and be knocked out of ketosis and I was for less than a few hours. But nope…I woke up feeling terrible, but I lost a pound and was in ketosis again by lunch. I cannot say I got so lucky this week with a treat I had that my co-worker bought for me. I am just now getting back into ketosis after a little over a day. (BTW…I have no regrets. Life isn’t about deprivation and being miserable).

As well, I am at a place in my keto journey where I need to start playing around and seeing what makes my ketones ebb and flow and what I can handle and not handle. I am having to use more dairy than I would like to keep my fats up, but I would like to not. I also can mess with some of keto friendly flours like coconut and almond. I would also like to try some variances on carb cycling. But before I do that I need to identify how my body responds to certain carbs.

I feel seriously super good. I will tell you working out on keto has been my biggest struggle. I lack the stamina, but I know for a fact if and when I add more fats into my diet my stamina perks up. I also know when I can figure out how my body processes carbs then I can carb up to aid in working out. I also would like to find a fat bomb to help with this. Fat bombs scare you a little though, but it does help balance out macros if you need it.

I am going to get a blood test soon for hormones and the rest to be sure that my body is handling this alright. I will also give you a small update about last week’s post about the cyst. I have had a ton of a pain this week especially the last few days which likely means it is disintegrating. That is good news. So we continue to wait and hope it goes away on its own.


Ketoing On Over Here – MR


Saturday Sharing is a weekly post where MR covers the latest in her life.


Transformation Tuesday: Less of Me is a thing.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane.



This is today!



Sometimes it is so easy to lose your motivation and inspiration or even worse sometimes you feel like giving up because the changes aren’t as noticeable or as quick. So you gotta take a moment and take stock in just how far you have come. And more then anything…you need to remember to enjoy the process because it is all a part of the journey. My journey didn’t just start and it certainly isn’t going to end any time soon. But I gotta hold steady. I am worth it.



Somedays it just resonates.

Man yesterday was a day. A bad day…maybe? It definitely was not a good day. A whole bunch of little things added into big things and the day was crap. So I finally reached the part of the night where I thought maybe I should sit down and find the positive and it just happened that Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey was sitting on my desk. A poetry book I buzzed through a few weeks ago when things were a lot less hectic and way less chaotic.

I read this poem and it resonated. It felt important to me to come here and write through the feelings it gave me. Failing. Failing is me. I am failing.

IMG_9683So you guys I am failing. I thought I was doing well with the start of school, but I am swamped. I don’t have enough time to accomplish all that I need to accomplish every single day. And remember my filter issues since my surgery? I am tired of people taking advantage of me.  I started saying no which also means I have to sit through the awkward moments that follow that no when they have never heard anything but yes from my face.

But I repeat the mantra, I am only human. I can only do so much and in order to do it well I have to take it off in bite size pieces. Yes remember my post a few months about not being perfect. Well I am not. I dropped the ball today 100x and in a 100 ways. Don’t believe ask the people I work with. I didn’t have a chance to respond to at least 60 emails, I have 1000 papers left ungraded. I even left my classroom last night with my desk a mess which is the biggest thing I hate.

My plans for dinner of a beautiful roast in the crockpot were a shitty attempt by Walmart to pass off a hockey puck as a rump roast. I cooked it like I would cook all other types of roast in my crock pot. This one just seized up and was so tough I would never consider serving it to my family. So thank you Schwan’s delivery truck for your chicken IMG_5599alfredo and Kroger for the fresh garlic bread. My family enjoyed a good dinner because of you.

The biggest issue I see is when things get tough like this taking care of myself is usually the first thing to go and I just can’t let that happen. It cannot. It is the easy take out to make life feel a little easier. I could get up an hour later and enjoy just a little more sleep, but then I have to live with the guilt that I didn’t do my work out. And usually if I don’t do my work out my eating tends to be all over the place.

Yes all of this is tiny stuff when you look at it alongside hurricanes, terrorism or any other sort of major event. So I had a bad day where I didn’t get all the stuff done I needed to get done. I had a day where I feel like a bad mom, a bad teacher and like I am failing. The best part of that all is that I got to wake up this AM and try and again and I also tried organize what is happening a little better today.

So yes, this season is just that. A season. A season that I will over come and I will find my way and I will continue getting better at letting go of the things that don’t matter so they stop wasting my time.



An Honest Plexus Review: August 2017

A few weeks back I taunted on my instastories that I was on a super secret mission. I IMG_9895didn’t say anything other than that. Well it is has now come time for a reveal. In July, I was approached by an amazing momma friend who is an Plexus Ambassador and has been for awhile now and has seen great results on it. She wondered if I would be interested in a free 30 day trial with no obligation to say anything one way or the other about the product. My only obligation was to post here what happened.

I have talked with her about it a few times over the last year because there are some who say it is great for my guys’s TN and let’s be honest their two most popular claims are weight loss and feeling less tired. So what mom of any kids could not want this. And if I am totally honest I have been skeptical, but also researching like crazy because read the two above claims.

If you have followed me over the years you know I believe in clean eating and natural IMG_8535weight loss with no gimicky concoctions. I don’t even drink shakeology from my beloved Beachbody company which is more of a dietary issue. Herein lies probably my biggest issue with any sort of powder, pill or regiment that is sold similar to Plexus. I make this proclamation loud and clear I have the moodiest of moody digestive tracks and they are easily upset by these sorts of products.

I was given what I believe plexus ambassadors call the triplex which is a combination of three of their most popular products. The first, of course, is the pink drink. The second is the ProBio 5 and the third was Biocleanse. I likely would not have done this had I not just had my hysterectomy because I knew my gut health was a mess. I went into this with a terrible bleeding ulcer, a messed up digestive track from massive amounts of meds and a severely unbalanced diet.

IMG_2262It was also important to me to include how going off of these things felt for my system. So we are a month and a week out of the start, so I have been off of them at this point 8 days. One of the biggest complaints I ran into (besides the cost) in my research were the withdrawal like symptoms ones experiences when no longer taking the product.

Now in my honest opinion, I liked the taste of the pink drink. I have actually tasted the older version and the newer one has a much better flavor. The positives of this drink were it easily became a part of my daily morning routine. It fit nicely into my life and I was able to take it while traveling. I definitely felt a huge energy burst that lasted throughout the day from the pink drink. I would actually equate it with pre-workout feeling if you take one. The one thing it didn’t have that pre-work has is the buzzy feeling. That is a bonus if that is what you are using it for.

Now for the downside and likely the one reason I wouldn’t continue on in this part of theIMG_7011 plexus journey is the jitters. I am extremely sensitive to caffeine and honestly I am not even sure if this has caffeine in it, but I felt like it did. I would be jittery for about an hour and half to two hours after drinking it. Then the energy burst just stayed which was nice. But I have battled a caffeine addiction basically my whole life and in the last three years got myself down to a point where I no longer struggled with adrenal issues because of it. The most evident part of this boost was the week after the trial was over. I was super jittery and super foggy and had about three days of a headache I couldn’t get rid of. I felt like I was coming down with a cold. Not a migraine and not miserable, but enough to be present and accounted for.

Now can we talk about what I was really interested in trying and the main reason I jumped on this free trial? The probiotics (and I think they may call them prebiotics).  My system was out of wack, with overgrowth of yeast, hormones all over the place, over production of cortisol because of stress to my system with the surgery and my sleep was a mess. I was stuck in a battle of antibiotics, anti-fungals and digestive distress which made me not hungry at all and left depleted of energy.

I basically started the ProBio5 right away because my friend had brought by a bottle of this in February of last year on the hope that maybe it would help my guy with his TN. She said, “You don’t have to have him take it, but at least you know it is a possible option. Just keep it.” I remembered it when my family physician suggested a probiotic to try and get some balance in my system.

I started the biocleanse two days later. Two things about these products, they work. The positives for them is you can feel the balance that begins to happen. As I said, I had a bleeding ulcer that was bad because of the meds I was given for pain during my surgery. An issue I have been plagued with most of my life and usually requires a 90 day treatment for. I only needed the treatment for two full weeks after I started taking these two pills. I was able to stop my ulcer med a month after I started and I haven’t needed it since.

I can’t prove that it was the combination of the two, but I can say that my stomach ulcers have never cleared up that quickly and they have never ever been that bad before, so they had their work set out for them and it feels as though they were a success. I was back to my usual self within two weeks time and then after that it was like it never happened which I didn’t think would happen.

There is the claim that they help with sleep and I can tell you that is totally common that after a hysterectomy it is completely normal to have insomnia and I did struggle with it multiple times this summer. However, I have had no issues what so ever since starting it. Again I cannot prove it is the combination of these two things because I know how important sleep is to healing and I have been working extremely hard to make sure I am getting sleep. But yes I slept better. I have continued to sleep better since being off as well. No sleep disturbances happened after going off either if that is important to you.

There was one downside that I noticed specifically with the biocleanse and that is if I took too much I struggled with IBS. I have IBS and I manage it mostly with my diet and watching my stress levels. I could never get over more than two biocleanse pills or I would struggle with the symptoms of my IBS. But overall, my IBS has been non-existent since the trial began which I imagine with what I put my system through with the surgery is unheard of.

So the question is…is this a good review or a bad review. My goal is to not do either. My goal is to tell you what the experience was like for me. I saw definite improvements in my health and mental clarity.  I am not sure I would continue with the pink drink not because I don’t like it, I just don’t feel like I need it. I do fairly well with my energy levels because I have worked so hard to try and master that for myself since I overcame my pop addiction three years ago.

I do think a lot of the benefits I saw with these Plexus products are ones that I see when I really hone in on my dietary needs. But I do like that I didn’t have to think as hard about what I put into my body with these other two products. I can see the convenience of that. I think this is probably a great way to catapult you into a new health and fitness regiment because it is all spelled out for you. I also have been able to exercise every single day with no rest days. Not sure if it is the plexus or if it is just my mentality right now because even after stopping it has stuck.

I cannot speak for cost of any of these products. It was important to me to not look up the prices, though I was tempted, because that is one of the complaints I saw often in my research. I wanted to give it a fair chance no matter what. But what I do think you want to hear is what kind of body results did I get from this and in interest of being honest I must say I started a ketogenic diet at the urging my GYN doc to help balance my very unbalanced hormones. She wanted me to start this immediately to try and fire up my ovaries, so I started it halfway into the Plexus trial. As well, I exercise every day, but I always have. At the beginning of the trial, I was only allowed 30 minutes of cardio with minimal jumping and bending, but by the end I was doing extensive cardio work outs and 3 mile runs. I can’t say one way or the other if plexus contributed to my weight and inch loss. But here at the photos. Most of the weight loss did happen after the diet began, but I did lose three inches before the diet.

I did lose 11lbs. I lost 7.5 inches over all. 



I can say I think others should try if they are looking for the positives that I mentioned in this post. I also know some people who have tried it and had amazing results and can probably speak much better to the scientific backgrounds of this product. I also know others who have tried it and not had as much luck. I do know I would be interested in seeing and researching a bit more the type of chemicals that are in the product especially as it relates to TN. I am still kinda hanging out waiting to see what happens with the diet and the being without Plexus. I will likely try and update again in a month to see if I can make some clearer distinctions on what is Plexus and what is the keto diet and exercise.


I was not compensated in any way for this review other than a 30 day free trial of the three plexus products mentioned. My review and opinion of the product is all my own and not a guarantee of any result you will have on the product. 

I found the best motivation (Sat/Sun Sharing)


A kinda cool thing happened after my surgery that I should have know, but I guess I didn’t. My girls motivate me to be a better person. During and after my surgery I struggled a lot with fatigue, nausea, and lack of an appetite. The nurses and doc recommended pop. As well, it will always be my battle and essentially a comfort in those sorts of times. Well a few weeks out I was having about 1 a day or every other day. My girls and I went to lunch at our famous Culvers and one of them asked if I was back to drinking pop. My response was to dump it and say nope. Never again. I have not had one since. In fact, I never missed it, never thought of it again.

So when I started this Keto diet I remarked to them that they motivate me more than anything I have ever had as motivation and that if I tell them something I keep that promise to them more than likely ever to myself. So heck ya I have been using that as motivation. And you know what…much like pop I have not looked back once.

I get the question of what I eat a lot and I want to share. I have been following some what others eat and making up a lot of what I have been eating on own. I tend to be one when first getting comfortable with a diet that sticks with what I know and what I like for the simplicity. Keto in my opinion is complicated and very science based. So I followed the basic rules to get myself into ketosis and now that I have been there I relied a lot on The Fat Burning Man’s book to help me. I also have used pinterest some. But my best resources are Keto Connect and listening to The Healthful Pursuit podcast (she also has a great site…thanks Keen Peach). I warn you that many recipes are marked in pinterest as low carb or keto and are anything but, so you have to educate yourself to research and question some.

I will also say I make exceptions because there are just some things I am not willing to change. The use of stevia is not a change I will make. I don’t like sugar substitutes either because they are full of chemicals and I will always eat clean. If they are plant based sugars I can tell the strong flavor so I just eliminate or use a honey or maple syrup as a substitute and guess what it has worked. If you are migraine prone than sugar subs like stevia can trigger a migraine and do for me. So I usually just steer clear. Another exception I make is that is diet is high fat, but I am so trained for lean meats and that hasn’t really changed. I don’t really like the fatty texture of dark chicken meat or beef.  It seems to working, so I think that exception has been okay.

So let’s talk about some of what I have been eating. Lots of eggs and a generous amount of bacon. I needed bacon a lot I feel like at the beginning because it gave me a crunch that I missed from my carbs. It was also easy. But not as much now. I try and go with a nitrate free and as clean as I can find. That is sometimes hard in my town because I live in small town USA and I am competing with other healthy people to get it first. But options are getting better all the time.

I make sandwiches a lot and use lettuce as my vehicle. Last week for lunches it was tuna salad and I just placed it romaine hearts. So good and has that crunch that is kinda nice. I always eat salads with lots of protein by adding eggs, some cheese (I go pretty light still on diary), and bacon. I do usually have an avocado for the high fat nature. My favorite salad is an Italian salad with pepperoni and/or salami, peppers and black olives.

Dinners are usually a bit easier. We eat lots of chicken, pork and beef roasts and I just make sides for my family and I eat a salad on the side instead of what they are eating. But sometimes they want stuff that I just don’t feel like making two meals like spaghetti, so I just make bacon and eggs with salsa or half an avocado. So far it works.

Here are a few of my creations from the past week with recipes posted below.


Fat bombs


Low Carb Banana bread

I have experimented some with some great keto recipes and some that were just okay:

  • Low Carb Banana Bread – I did sub almond milk for the yogurt in this recipe and I added slivered almonds…and my husband even ate it and had no idea it was a healthier version of this recipe.
  • Keto Friendly Meatballs – My kiddos loved these and requested them again.
  • Fat Bomb that tastes like Reeses Cup – This was amazing when you had a craving for chocolate and my ketones always jumped with this…but I did have to use the stevia and I didn’t like it, so I think next time I will not add it and add unsweetened coconut and hope for the best.
  • Fat Head Pizza Crust – This was okay. It actually was probably pretty good if you like dairy. Me I have a dairy intolerance so I have to be really careful and it is too much dairy for me. I allowed myself about a piece and then I just ate the toppings. I was glad to hear in Healthful pursuit’s podcast that this recipe baffled her because it is SO full of dairy by the crust being loaded with it and then adding it to the top because I was so confused by that. I need to find an alternative away from the dairy even if it means it may have a bit more carbs.
  • Chicken Enchilada Casserole  – I made this and the kiddos and I ate it. We did all admit it was a bit hotter. Mine was served in a salad and that cooled it off, but they added it to a tortilla and they thought it was super hot.
  • Cloud Bread – Let me just say this was a total fail. I made it and I know what high peaks are it still did not half any sort of fluff to it so it was kinda like a pancake, but it was nice because it did have a bready texture. I plan to try it again and hope for better results.

This week we are trying this:

As of this AM, I am down 9.5 lbs heading into my third week. I also have lost 12 inches most of which was in my waist, hips and my thighs (all the right spots). Here are some of my staples to get me through.

IMG_8408 2

La Croix Water and I also really love Perrier Strawberry

IMG_1485 2

Duke’s Shorty Sausages (2 equals 1 carb) and I can get it at Costco!

IMG_0084 2

Real Good Pizza Company – has amazing pizzas that baffle the mind. I have only had two but I loved the cheese and I added pepperoni. The supreme I didn’t like as much, but I did not like all the veggies frozen so the pizza itself was still so yummy and not all made from cheese. The crust is made of chicken you guys…chicken. Yes. It is odd, but it is really good. The calories and sodium aren’t ridiculous either. So good alternative for lunches.


And finally to this diet I am working out every day. I am pretty much sticking with T25 and running. I love it and I get up sooooo early to do it…but it works.

Week # 8 And Probably My Last Update

By all accounts I am feeling great and my surgery feels like it is in my rear view mirror. My restrictions don’t end until week # 12. But the ones that are left are minimal and watching what I lift is the biggest. However, if I look at how I feel….I feel amazing. I am still struggling with hormonal fluctuations and probably will for awhile. Some days are great in that department and others I feel it with the occasional hot flash or a mood. They are a little more intense then they were before the surgery.

I am so grateful I had the time to heal that I did. I am grateful for the time with my family and that I was able to be home for the majority of it. The sacrifices they all made with the end of the summer meant a lot to me. We are really close family because of what we have been through together and that means a lot to me. It actually makes me feel like my heart could burst.

On the diet and exercise front I can pretty much do most exercises now except for certain floor movements and massive jumping. Squats sometimes feel alright and other times not quite. My stamina is definitely not where it once was. But it will come back. I am still getting up at stupid o’clock to work out. Today I forced myself to take a rest day because I haven’t had one in three weeks and I really want to have a longer run in the AM. But yes…3 weeks of early AM workouts and I am still kicking ass.

I lost 8lbs on the ketogenic diet and I am super excited to measure because I can tell that I lost some inches. But more than anything I feel great. I did notice this week that my stamina was actually less than last week which tells me my body is switching even more into being fat fueled and that is a great sign and common. So I wait for it to come back. I work out but my umpf is a little less during this adjustment period. It has been two weeks and this week I super cut back on carbs even more. The last two days it has been under 10 carbs a day.

The best way I can tell the effect of working out and diet is at work. I have energy all day long. No afternoon slump. No need for coffee in the evening though I do sometimes do it as a treat usually Mondays. My clarity on thinking is probably the best thing I have noticed with all of this. My brain just feels on in a completely different way than it was before.

Work has been amazing and I have an awesome group of kiddos this year and a lot of them are my daughters age and so I feel SUPER old.

Here are some highlights from the last week.


My new favorite obsession is sitting in the sun and listening to podcasts or music.


Always my hand to hold. My guy has been so amazing during all of this.


A ketogenic fat bomb. I find myself not getting enough fat so I tried these this week and it tasted like a Reese cup! yum!!!


I needed that bready feel this week to aid in craving which honestly I haven’t had much of. So a quick pinterest search of a ketogenic banana bread and I found a great recipe from almond flour and no added unnatural sugars. The sugar came from the bananas and a tbsp of raw honey. It tasted amazing but definitely tested my restraint. I made cloud bread which was good but it was flat which defeated it purpose. I am gonna try again this week.


I got to have dinner with one of my favorites. ❤ I ate Culvers and had a burger with no bun and a side salad. It basically turned into a burger salad with a shit ton of mustard.


My Boop who is always a comfort, but is especially cuddly since here at night it has been super chilly and the one stormy night she literally woke me up with actual tears and her way of hugging me which is she lays her neck across my neck.


My sweaty self after a workout this week. Always trying to find a smile because taking care of me first is a priority because I make it a priority and this has been hard to do, but sooooooo necessary.


Week # 3 Recovery…I am JUST that lazy!

I am pretty sure the funniest part of this whole recovery is the way people look at me when I visibly opt out of anything physical. My restrictions are nothing heavier than a coffee cup till I see my doc.

Picture this…three days post surgery and my husband has a dump truck full of mulch delivered and sitting in my driveway. It was July 4th and hotter than crap. He is using a wheelbarrow and a shovel and putting it all over our yard. As he is doing that his wife is sitting in the driveway sunbathing with her feet up. I am sure neighbors thought I was a real nice wife.

Oh there is more…at target with my kids. We had a cart full of stuff and I was told specifically not to push a cart. We wonder off and then we end up kind of in the way of a lady who was in a hurry and visibly irritated with us for being in her way. We make eye contact and she is giving me that look…like irritated, “Can you move that please?” Adding in my kids are kinda in her way too. I look back like no and tried to get my kids attention. # 3 is the only one who see me and hears me and tries and well it didn’t go well. At this point she is pretty mad I am not just moving it. I smiled and finally my # 1 sees it and moves it. The look and reaction I got because I didn’t move it was not so nice. Oh well.

Things are going pretty good. I did have some bumps in the road this past week. Thankfully nothing horrible and all completely normal for this recovery. One required dr. intervention and the other required me to LAY DOWN already! 😀 I just want to go on record and say that I have the best family physician. My surgeon is great, but not so great at getting back with me quickly. Nothing I had was an emergency, but it did need taken care of. Make that twice my dr. just said, “we got you”.

Then I was stupid…stupid…stupid. I don’t normally love when people call themselves that but I was. My family went traveling this passed weekend without me. I stayed home to “rest”. Well the freedom meant I did too much. I took a gigantic walk because I felt amazing. The night before I slept so good.


I mean seriously, I slept so good I took a picture the next morning. I have been struggling a bit with insomnia and waking up a lot during rest. So I decided to do a big walk. I walked three miles and pretty quick. They left and I went to Fort Wayne….BIG MISTAKE. By the time all was said and done this happened.


I am supposed to be resting. Here in lies the issue and I paid for it and my next hiccup. But thankfully nothing that 24 full hours of laying down couldn’t fix. The day after I walked 600 steps. I even told my instagram that day that it was dangerous how good I had been feeling because I feel mostly normal.

My biggest complaint right now is my appetite. I have none or if I do it is for crap. When I woke up from surgery the thought of coffee made me gag. It still exists. I love my coffee. I have one cup of black coffee every day and I still have been, but it doesn’t taste the same. I also do my shot of nxingxa daily and that has tasted horrible. I am still doing both…but blah.

I know my hormones are completely outta whack and I have been trying young living’s progessence plus to help with balancing them out. Just FYI I kept my ovaries, but it does take awhile for them to come out of shock or “wake up”. That I am sure is why my tastes have been screwy cause it reminds me of when I was pregnant with the girls and I am just trying to keep myself fed.

One last thought and a super positive from this experience is that when you are person that has lost so much weight and worked so hard to change your life and lifestyle and you have it come to a complete stop is hard. I knew it would be and I tried to mentally prepare because I use exercise to help deal with my anxiety and OCD. Last week was hard in this aspect. Then I took this picture.


And I compared it to this one…


And I remembered just how far I have come and just how I would have felt about being the size I am now when this journey started. That isn’t going to go away in 2 months time. It just won’t and it has given me a good mental break to stop being so obsessed with the scale and the inches. Now is about taking care of myself physically in a different way. You gotta love your body cause it is the only one you got. If I gain weight it is okay, I know how to lose it. So yea….I love this girl…I worked so hard to become her and I am still working hard to be her.


I decided to finish up the required classes for my communications MA to teach college level com courses. I still haven’t decided if I will compete the program. I want to but I may have set my sights on a different sort of program. Time will tell. Between planning for the school year (we have three weeks left before school starts) and working on my grad course I am sitting plenty and I always have a furry friend to check up on me.


My # 1 is playing high school golf this year. I am so glad. I keep trying to get her try different things in high school. She has played golf quite a bit but she struggles a bit with being perfect and I think golf is a good equalizer in that manner. So we will see. That is her on the course.


When I get tired of sitting/laying inside I move myself out to my driveway and work on my tan. I usually got a podcast or music blaring in my ears. I usually end up really tan from running. This year I guess I will get really tan on one side from sitting.


My baby girl and I.

Week # 3 Recovery Stats

  1. Gained 1 lb but have massively lost my appetite in a major way the last two days and I am sure that I am gonna lose unless something drastically changes.
  2. Streaming: Will (on TNT) and Riverdale
  3. Podcasts: My Favorite Murder (A classic for me) and Mogul (new episode)
  4. Music: J. Cole and Halsey have been on repeat
  5. YouTube Channels: TeachLikeAGirl and Mr.Thain
  6. Walking: 3 Miles when I am up to it
  7. Favorite things: Blueberry Muffins and my girls

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”
― Epicurus

On being grateful for where I am – MR



Oh hi!

I know I should really come here more, but Spring 2017…is BUSY! Our play. A kiddo in high school softball, piano lessons, a comedy show at school, hubby assisting with golf. A round of E gang colds (maybe working on a second), a thumb sprang and pre-surgery appointments. There are two problems and they are that there just isn’t enough time or enough of me. Both of which I cannot solve…so my blog you have gotten quite dusty.

But yea I am the same. I am a vicious cycle of losing and gaining the same freaking 10lbs over and over and over. I honestly hate the way I look in the mirror. I feel very similarly to how I felt before I lost the weight. But I am trying to do the reverse thinking of I remember I time when I would have died to weigh what I do now. Instead, I keep lusting after my new goal weight and then I feel defeated and blah. So I gave myself a focus almost three weeks ago.

I realized that my major surgery was going to be in about 60 days. I also realized right before that I was going on our family vacation. So I gave myself a focus. A 60 day challenge of just plugging forward with taking care of myself and yet another campaign of self love and hopefully exploring why I have to keep doing it over and over. I am on day 20 today. And yet again I fall in love with the process. My eating is and isn’t the problem. I know how to eat well and clean. I do really well with it, but there is always a day that is tough. My emotions are high and boom! I overeat. Or eat something that is counterproductive to my exercise portion of this.

I am not into shame or the idea of cheating, so I am trying to get better at just moving on from those moments. That is how I dealt with them previously and I have to get better at doing it now. I just need to not REWARD or COMFORT with food. I love food and for me when I do those two things is when I find trouble.

I made it a full 16 days without a rest day. Finally, I took one. I had a tough day and a lot of hurt/stress and aggravation around me that was weighing me down. Instead of eating my way through it. I took care of myself via my diet and binged instead on amazon prime and watched four episodes of Homeland (current show of choice) in one evening. I was ready and pumped to get back to it the next day. This for me is a true definition of a rest day.

So yea want some proof of what I am up to? There are a couple of ways to do this. Follow me on my main instagram account @mommyrhetoric (You can follow that twitter too). I also have a fitness account for instagram that talks way more about my fitness @mommyrhetoric_fit . And as a unique accountability tool for me I vlog almost every single day at my Mommy Rhetoric facebook page. I usually have fitness tips there, but sometimes I am just real with you. So come see me….Like my page and see what I am up to.


I just posted this as a reminder of where I started to where I am. I have to REMIND myself.

I was 210 lbs and now I am hoover in that 140-150 range. (My 10lb yo-yo) GRR! But I am not giving up. Here are snippets of my last 20 days.


Accountability through FITBIT Challenges. Whether with friends, with myself and my goals. A lot goes down here including my calorie counts which are right around 1200 per day.


My kiddos. They keep me accountable to as well by coming with me. Trying to keep up with them helps. Or just showing cool places I found. Like my hill….


Yea I have walked up and down this hill quite a bit this spring. I doubted I could do running sprints on it. That was until I proved myself wrong. I did it. I did 10 of them. Yup I sure did. Sometimes you have to challenge yourself.

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But you gotta show up for yourself every single DAMN day!!! It doesn’t matter if  you have the cutest shirt, or your clothes don’t match. Sometimes it really sucks and sometimes you feel like Shaun T. But you show up. You don’t need all the space or your gym is out in the sun. But you do it! You do it over and over and over until you do it like you brush your teeth and brush your hair.



Some days you eat super healthy and you love it. But some days you eat Qdoba and you even add a little gauc because it SHOULD NOT be a punishment. You aren’t bad. You are a beautiful human being who needs to take care of yourself inside and out.


Just always remember your why because then love wins and even dandelions look like sunflowers.


WTH Am I doing now?

One of the people I work with told me two weeks ago about a challenge she tried and really liked. She knows me as I have spent the last two years sharing probably too much detail of my weight loss journey with her. But she tried it and thought I would enjoy it for a couple of reasons….but the main one the time commitment. It is 15 days and they are 20 minute work outs with no warm up or cool down…so roughly 30 minutes if you add in your own cool down and warm up.

trainerlindsey1Maybe you have heard of it. I had because I had actually saw ads for in my facebook because I am always looking at health stuff, so it is always sending those ads to me. Which basically means I am ignore them. 😀

But I came home and googled it. Trainer Lindsey’s 15 Day Free Challenge and I signed up. It is carb cycling by the best I can tell and is TRULY free. She does endorse a particular protein powder, but there isn’t pressure to buy. The recipes do sometimes include the powder, however, she offers substitutions.

That was important to me because my body reacts weird to certain protein powders. I have sincerely only found one that my body tolerates well and it is Vega. As well, I don’t always want a liquid diet.

So today is day 1 which she calls a flush day and so is tomorrow. But that basically means trainerlindsey2lots of fluids and lots of peeing. It also means restricted carbs. Thankfully, I have been really restricting my carbs since the new year anyway, so my system doesn’t feel entirely shocked. Ask me tomorrow I may change my mind.

The basics are meals are broken up into 6 meals a day with a guaranteed dessert part of your day. Everything is weighted and measured for eating. You get a full meal plan with recipes and so far…so good. However, as a word of caution I typically eat fairly good anyway so it doesn’t feel as it is much of a shock.

I won’t lie though the lack of carbs has slowed my roll quite a bit. I wanted to run today because it is 60 in February. However, I can tell you right trainerlindsey3now I don’t have the stamina without the carbs to do that. I may have had it if I went this AM first thing, but as the day has worn on…NOPE! But I have worked out three times. I took a long walk, I lifted weights and I did the Trainer Lindsey workout. So it is all good.

The workout does seem a little short to me at 20 minutes and I only had a 150 calorie burn with her workout hence the other workouts. It doesn’t seem or feel all gimmicky to me which sometimes these things can (Detox tea anyone?)

Her secret to lack of carb headaches….pickles. Eat all the pickles. Thankfully, no headache here. More than anything I wanted a quick, low-cal, midday snack….so pickles it was.

So yea I am doing another challenge again. I gotta keep myself interested per usual.