Another pinterest adventure.

Alas, the bug got me. I truly believed that the power of positive thinking, healthy eating, plenty of sleep (and a little grape juice) would save me. But sadly, it didn’t. I willed myself through my day at work till my prep, till I could no longer hang for fear of a puke incident by the one and only Mrs. E. That COULD NOT happen. I will spare any and all details and just tell you I am finally up and around now. I kinda had to force myself to do it. I needed to go to the grocery due to an impending snow storm and oh my three kids who were sure they would starve if momma took to her bed another day.

I am just so very grateful that it was 1) the weekend and 2) it had moved through the others before me. I could be there for the girls due to snow days and I took one extra day off so my guy didn’t have to help. They were all better and we truly thought we were done with it, so I could basically go to bed and die. And die I did.

I am easing very slowly back into food. I went two days without caffeine and lived to tell. Today I did squeak out a small cup of coffee and kinda thinking as long as I keep feeling like this that may be my new regime. YES! No more pepsi. I just can’t even think about it or stomach it at this point. The bug may be a blessing in disguise. I truly wanted to wean myself down to no pop and 1 cup of coffee a day. And by golly that may have happened of its own accord. Wahoo!

But that isn’t the reason for this post. Today I was wanting a comforting but light soup. Kpuff and I frequent Takioka here the Fort and they have this soup that begins  your meal and it is always so amazing, comforting and light. I knew whatever I was having had to be pretty light since it was my first real food. Anyway…Pinterest saved the day yet again.

PIN49) I made the recipe here and I followed it mostly. I added six cups of chicken broth instead of 4 cups of broth and 2 water. I figured I needed a heartier version since it was my first real food. It definitely tasted hardier. Not bad, just hardier. When I make again (yes I will make again) I will follow directions. Another change I made was I fried the onions in coconut oil and I didn’t submerge them in milk. I am allergic to dairy so I just substituted water. I couldn’t tell a difference. Once I assembled the soup I didn’t add many of the fried onions, I wasn’t sure I could handle fried quite yet. I also added more mushrooms to build my system back up. I knew I needed a heartier soup. It was so amazing. I am so super stoked for it for my lunch tomorrow at school. YUM!!! Here are some pics.


You cook the veggies till they are soft and take them out


Remember I added way more mushrooms than it called for. You gotta let them sit and soak up broth. YUM!!!!

And while I ate my soup my family dined on Pin51this.

soup3Yup seriously the last thing I wanted to make, but I did it cause they needed real food. Not daddy cooked food.

And for my final pin, PIN52) I will try and not share actual details but I saw this pin over a year ago and have been doing it for my children and I never force them to drink it if they don’t want to. They love it so it is never an issue. Sometimes we forget or I run out. But knock on wood, it does seem to keep some of this stuff at bay or at the most makes most stomach issues more mild. I will tell you # 1 doesn’t like grape juice and she definitely was one of the sicker ones. I will also tell you that I usually drink it but forgot on Thursday of last week and I woke up Friday feeling off. All of that can be coincidence or in our heads. Who knows. But I will tell you when I read the pin a few years back I researched it because I thought it was crap. It didn’t take me long to discover where it came from. It came from a doctor who deals with stomach issues and he discovered it by coincidence with his own family. There is a ton of people that swear by it. I am about 78% sold on it. I will say it does make it more mild. My biggest warning would be the amount of sugar in it. It is so high in sugar that you must be careful with it.

Alright….I am off. Another gross edition from the E homestead.


I was at it again.

I am telling you a huge part of making sure I have some time to myself is cooking for my family. I love this because I get to feed my family food I make which I believe ties a family together and carries on a legacy of memories. I cook things my mother in law makes, as well as, recipes from my family. My girls all the sudden want those things and will hopefully eventually cook them for their family. I try and make them more healthy if they need it and I can. This recipe was no different.

Several times with my co-workers I have eaten at a local restaurant, Rack and Helen’s, which is bar type foods and Mexican. Everything I have ever had was amazing, but the best thing I feel like they do is their red sauce or enchilada sauce. So much so I have begun a journey to recreate a healthier version at home. Last night was my first attempt and it was good. It was not mind blowing but it was amazing when all the components were placed together.

As I was cooking in the kitchen this funny thing happens. I turn on music and my girls and I dance and sing stupidly but it is so much fun! Again another awesome memory we are making. But as I was cooking my sous chef was beside me making cheesecake. As in making it where I didn’t have to help. The one thing I did assist on was getting a bowl because she is short you know! But it was amazing by the way!

PIN48) I got the recipe from here and then per usual I tweaked it to make it work for us. I replaced the vegetable oil for coconut oil. I also exchanged the vegetable stock/chicken stock for beef stock low sodium. I feel like this second exchange may have been where the first error occurred. The second would have been I may have reduced it too much. It was pretty thick. I followed the time but mine was markedly thick.

My review would be that when I placed the sauce into my actual wet burrito recipe it worked. But I had to incorporate the fresh ingredients of tomatoes and lettuce to cut through the strong and intense flavor of the sauce. It wasn’t horrible by itself, it just was beefy (to use a weird adjective). If I made again I would probably follow her. I was just thinking I was using it for wet burritos why not beef stock? It was rich in a savory manner if that makes sense.

I have heard several accounts of making an amazing red sauce/enchilada sauce from a can of enchilada sauce of your choice and a jar of beef gravy. Initially to me, this seems to easy and I was hesitant of trying it. But now I can see how this may have the consistency I am looking for. I would just like to decrease sodium because both are high in those products.

I could also continue to tweak the one I tried. I am not sure I would definitely eat it again and switch the beef back to chicken or veggie stock. My wet burrito was amazing and super pretty (can’t you see it?), so it isn’t like it was torture. I just know I needed to add lettuce and tomato to kinda cut through the richness of the sauce.

I apologize for how bad the pictures are because I had to use my cell. My camera was dead. But you get the idea.






Definitely a try again recipe. Just not Rack and Helen’s red sauce which is A-U-H-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Making things…

My momma would be super proud because she was always known for the stuff she made. First off she was and still is an amazing seamstress and second off she could make a craft absolutely amazing and out of nothing. Every Christmas people would wonder and wait to see what she had concocted for this year. I will be honest, I never quite appreciated it like I do now. I look back at the things I have that she made and realize that the effort that takes to make things sometimes is so much more meaningful than going to Walmart and purchasing something. However, I won’t lie I tend to be on the sentimental side. Don’t believe me? Look at my teaching wall which could be considered a wall of junk, but to me it will never be that. They are little mementos of the time someone took out of their lives to tell me I mean something to them and I matter. Therefore, made gifts have a similar meaning for me. There is nothing more valuable to me than time. I feel like I never have enough of it, so I feel like if someone takes that time to make a gift it is amazing!


Earlier this fall my bestie Kpuff was dabbling in making cleaning products. Something I had never really thought about. In fact, I probably would have laughed at the thought of me doing that. A classic, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” She made laundry soap and told me how nice it was and that she loved it and asked if I wanted to try it. I thought sure! She brought me over about two cups of the stuff and it was funny. I used one and I was skeptical it would work, but it did and it smelled amazing. Then I was sure my family couldn’t use it because it did smell good. They are highly allergenic and anytime I try to switch from our All free and clear they break out in hives. I can’t use fabric softeners or dryer sheets or bleach. I started just using it on my clothes and one day in laziness I threw my guys clothes in there with mine. I said nothing. No complaints and/or hives. He also gets ridiculous sneezes and what not with laundry soap changes, but nothing! I expanded it. Two weeks later we all had our clothes washed daily with it. And no complaints from the allergy filled asthmatic, skin sensitive or the one who doesn’t like smells. Wahoo!

detergent1I decided to search Kpuff’s pinterest for the recipe and decided to make it. I found it @ Aprons and Pearls. I made some and my guy helped me to mix it in our giant trash bag. Once I realized how much it actually made and far just a little goes with it I had the idea to just place it into cute containers and give out as gifts. It is HE safe and it smells nice. A thing my highly allergic family had kinda taken from me. It is a subtle good smell though and not over powering. My whites are whiter than they had ever been. I never have to worry if my clothes are clean. The jars I bought were clear and let the pretty shine through and you could smell it. I gifted about 8- 2-3 cup  jars of it for Christmas and that left me with three large OXY clean containers full which will last me for a really long time. I love the stuff and if you feel like venturing out a bit and using it I highly recommend it. I have thanked Kpuff multiple times for it since and will continue to use it. I did pick a detergent2different scent than what the blogger picked. Of course, now I don’t remember what it was. It was purple so that was mostly why I picked it.

My second gift that I made for most of my confidants was this homemade milk bath. I just loved the natural ingredients in it and I struggle with incredibly dry skin in the winter so I thought hey! I made a double batch and also bought pretty containers and placed it into it. It was super easy to make and I am very happy to say since I have made it I have taken two milk baths and I love it. It doesn’t provide much scent which maybe good for some. I wasn’t really looking for a great smell and more to combat dry skin, so it worked perfectly. I would venture to guess an essential oil of your choice would be fine to add. Just make sure it is natural. I wouldn’t want to muck it up with unnatural chemicals. A lavender or lemongrass would probably be really good and probably add some great benefits. I was going to put a pretty ribbon around it like in this one and I even bought it. But once I got it into jars with the measuring utensils I bought I loved the natural look so I left it. This is a great and easy gift to put together for a fairly low cost. I do recommend doing a nice dry milk. I used the vitamin D goat milk to ensure that it had the quality I was after for gifts. I am guessing you could use a generic dry milk, but I am guessing you will lose some of the silkyness that is provided by the higher concentration of fats in goats milk.

I also did several of these color themed gifts for my gifts. I started out shopping for nail polishes that reminded me of my friends and then built their gifts around that. I bought candies, make up bags, manicure stuff all that centered around how I saw their personalities. It was super fun. I even did one for a secret santa exchange for someone I didn’t know that well and went with my old faithful favorite color of purple and I loved it so much. I had a hard time giving it up. The funny thing is it ended up being similar to a first year teacher survival kit which I didn’t intend, but she is a first year teacher so it worked.

Pinning Away. And sharing.

So we tried quite a few new pin recipes last week. Some were amazing. Some were meh. But most of all my kiddos enjoyed being a part of the process in choosing dinner and trying something new. So this week it was a few different things. And why not lump it together with Saturday sharing on Monday, right?

Pin41) by far this was the absolute best pin. It was cheese tortellini chili. What a thought. Being from the Midwest (or maybe it was doing a stint inIMG_0220 Ohio)  pasta in chili is a natural thing. We always add it. So adding in a cheesy version of it was mind blowing. It was amazing. I did tweak the recipe just a bit because we were in the 80’s with high humidity so adding two tablespoons of cumin seemed like more heat than I wanted. We did just one. But everything else was the same. It was so good. My girls loved it, and my guy loved it. We will definitely be making it again.

Pin42) I also made this ham salad recipe from the Country Cook. And in the recipes defense it was really good. But I probably won’t make it again. I got a really upset stomach around the time I ate it and I know it wasn’t the ham salad. I just don’t think the amount of onions agreed with me. I kinda do really do onions too much. But I didn’t want to sway from the recipe for fear it would mess with flavor. But the sandwich I had was really good and maybe if I made it again I would use a little less onion. But unfortunately whatever I ate that day just didn’t sit well, so now I don’t know if I will do it again. I couldn’t end up eating the rest of it. But it was NOT the recipes fault. I have sensitive stomach already.

Pin43) And next up on the list was probably a family favorite and will probably be a many times over repeat. The girls have asked for it again multiple times since we had it. That is great. That was the point of this challenge and the point of trying to get some new recipes. It was two timing pasta bake. This recipe was super simple and we had dinner on table in about a half an hour with a salad and garlic bread. It took pasta up a notch. I cannot recommend this recipe enough if you feed a big family or if you want quite a bit left. We ate for two nights and really probably could have done three. So yummy!!!!!

Pin44) And finally we had peanut butter bars. Oh my these were so rich and so yummy. I may have done these before, but I don’t think so. But this recipe was super simple and the family loved. We had them gone in days. I really want to make again, but then I don’t because well then I will be forced to eat them and I do not need them LIKE AT ALL! My girls will most certainly demand these again. #3 declared them her fav.


IMG_0254This weekend was softball tourney weekend. Luckily this tournament was 10 minutes from our house which made travel to and from much easier. #1 had horrible asthma and allergy day on Saturday and I almost kept her home. But she really wanted to go, so she willed herself through her first game and then came home and slept and did a similar thing on the second game. Thankfully, she seemed to mostly recover by Sunday. Her team got runner up for the second year in a row at this tournament. I am so proud of the whole team. They did an amazing job and it was so fun to watch them play. We have one tournament and a handful of games left. And then we go into off season. I am amazed at just how fast this season went. This was her third year with this travel team and the last few years the season seemed so long. Not this year. I am going to be horribly sad when the season is over.


And finally, I am getting really sick and tired and even angry at quotes like this. The idea that if we suffer in silence our pains are so much more 98267515d8e3081fe985399b5d332f18noble and true. And no I am not talking about the boy who cried wolf. I am talking our society valuing this idea that if we keep our pains locked up inside and don’t wear them that that makes us so much stronger and our pains more valid. It is not true. When pains are at their worst it takes the most strength to share. After this year I will never look at pain the same. My husband spent the better part of our marriage quieting his pain for my benefit. For his own wish at being strong through the pain. But it wasn’t until he reached out and said, “This is not right” that we sought out help for the pain.

We could apply this same concept to mental illness. Poverty. School. This idea that we all should be martyrs and be quiet about our pain is hurting those who need us most. How is one to get help if we value silence over speaking out. I won’t be silent. I won’t value silence in my home, my classroom or my life. We do not have to suffer alone. Alright tirade over.

We needed that…

And to keep moving with my 100 pins goal here I am embarking on some new territory. A few things are going to happen around here to help it and to help me. I feel like I am in a food rut. I am so tired of making the same things and then my usual meals took a beating with my guy’s TN. Meaning I mushed up the foods and now he cannot even think about them.

I have concocted a plan to help with that. Actually a few different plans that I hope to simultaneously play out. The girls and I are going to do a summer cooking camp. Or at least that is what we called it. But basically, it is a mode for me to teach them how to cook and for them to take more responsibility in the kitchen. Thankfully, I started all of them young and had them in the kitchen with me as soon as they could be. So all of them pretty much get the basics. But I am talking I want to full on step out of the way and advise.

I got to do this the other day with # 2 because I was rocking a seriously horrible migraine and I ended up needing a double dose of my migraineslaw meds which actually means I was out of it. I was struggling to mind focus and we were having company that night. Therefore, I needed to get stuff done. I told # 2 where to find the recipes and she cooked away. # 1 did the more “dangerous” tasks like grating cheese, cutting and opening stuff. Or the sharps job as I like to call it.

Pin39) Baby girl # 2 made this cole slaw. It isn’t a huge favorite around here, but sometimes I get a hankering for it. It was the fourth. We had to have it. And I mean it when I say she made the whole thing. They only thing I did help with was reaching the ingredients or utensils that were high. She is just 4 foot. And yes it turned out great. Those that ate it liked it. # 2 and I did determine it needed to up the sweet a little and down the liquid. By the 2nd day it was just swimming in its own liquid and I realize that that happens naturally. However, I feel like if we downed the overall liquids or made it more creamy than liquidy it would have helped. So more mayo and less apple cider vinegar.

And Pin40) Yesterday we had worked so hard on the food for the fourth that we deemed it use our leftovers and make snacky type foods day. I made pulled pork for the 4th and we made options of tacos, sammies or nachos with the pulled pork. We had no meat left, but we had nacho chips, cole slaw and cheese left. I looked around pinterest a little and decided to make our main dinner be a round of pretzels made from scratch. We have done this many times and even have our recipe. But # 2 and I decided we would try this one for something different.

I will tell you that it requires quite a few hands and steps so it better carried out in a group. It took my guy, myself and # 2 all working on different steps. Admittedly though I made taco meat for nachos during the chaos so maybe that is why. But it wasn’t hard. Just takes planning and time. I always make my dough in my bread machine. My poor bread machine is 17 years old at this point, but this baby still runs. And word to the wise I always activate my yeast as in put it in warm water, give it your sugar (depending on your recipe brown or white) and let it sit till it is all foamy. This usually takes about five. We call it waking it up and letting it party. But this creates an airy and fluffy dough.

We decided to top ours with salt and then a second round with cinnamon sugar. They were all so yummy and this recipe is a for sure keeper. If you like the crunch of a soft pretzel try this because it really creates a crunchier outside and soft pillowy inside. I did leave out the egg wash mostly because I don’t necessarily look for the shiny outside of a pretzels. That is all the egg wash provides. It kinda happens naturally from the soda water you boil it in. Great pin!







And to hopefully help my food rut I am going to challenge myself to a cooking thing with my family.  We get into such ruts that we eat pizza or go out to dinner too much. I am going to start a challenge once school is out to 90 days of eating at home and healthy. As in clean. Thankfully, we eat fairly clean already. So most of the challenge is just eating at home and not going the easy route. I think it will pair quite nicely with the cooking camp I am doing with my girls where they learn to cook more and cook different things. I have got them being pinning fools.

MommyRhetoric Pins Again.

So yesterday I decided to get back on this bandwagon. It has only been what about two years? I was always kind of miffed that I didn’t finish it. But I got a job. Yesterday it was really hot around these parts, so I needed to find something to entertain my two youngest while # 1 and my guy were at softball.

I saw this pin on pinterest and decided we would give it a go. The best part for 2.00 dollars my girls were entertained both with making it and playing with it.

Pin38) The softest play dough recipe and I agree with that sentiment. The texture of cornstarch and condition make it really soft. As well, if you buy a scented conditioner it smells really good and moisturizes.


I bought the cheapest conditioner I could find, generic cornstarch and I already had food coloring.


It is a little more messy than play dough, but not as messy as say moon sand (I refuse to let that in my house anymore. I mixed this in a disposable container with a plastic spoon. I struggled with conditioner on the things bowls and silverware we eat with. I know it would be washed. This part of the process is the messiest. The ratio from her blog said 2 parts cornstarch to 1 part conditioner. My recommendation would that you eyeball this. The first round it was game of add more of cornstarch, add more conditioner.  The second round I made the ratios similar to the suggestion and mixed it. Then dumped it one the table and got it into a clump. I could tell if I needed more of something. Once it was together I kneaded it in the air until it all came together. It also can be made by preference. Maybe you like it more moist or more dry. You get to control that here.


Then we added color. You don’t have to do this, but my girls wanted it. They also wanted pastels so we went with two drops of food coloring and then I kneaded it similarly to how I kneaded it to make it come together. Eventually the color will evenly distribute.


I will tell you it does leave a powdery residue. But it easily wipes off with little trouble with just water. Thankfully, it is just cornstarch which will not stain or get gloopy. If you let it lose it moisture it just brushes right off.


And maybe adding a little more conditioner would help, but both of my girls opted for a drier dough than a wetter dough. But honestly, they played with it again today and it isn’t bad at all. I would definitely recommend that you try this if you have kids. It is cheap and the entertainment keeps on giving.

MR Cooked Something Yummy!

Last night I went to the first high school dance and I never realized just how awkward those things are when you are the kid. As an adult it was so much fun. I had my butt out there dancing. They loved laughing at me, but it got them out there. As well, I believe I have already established myself as a bad dancer. I do it a lot in class. Or attempt anyway!

But to ease the fact that I would be at dance and getting ready for it I made a crock pot meal as promised in yesterday’s Saturday Sharing. I made ‘Chile Colorado Burritos‘ and it had to be one of the easiest meals I have made.

IMAG0192PIN37) You buy stew meat or cube up your preferred cut of meat. Throw all of it into the crock pot and throw in a large can of enchilada sauce. We went with mild for this time and think we could have all handled a little more heat. I would maybe add some chipolte or adobo sauce next time to give some depth. But since this was the first time I was not messing. Then add two beef bouillon cubes. Put the lid on, turn it on low and go for 6-7 hours. I did about 2lbs of meat and just salt and peppered it a little.

Let that baby slow cook all day. It smelled so nice and yummy. You don’t need to do anything with it. But you can go to the store and get what else you need. Buy burrito shells and another large can of enchilada sauce and a can of re-fried beans. I bought soft taco shells for my little peeps and my guy and I just doubled up and had two instead of one large one. You need a bag of cheddar cheese or whatever cheese you prefer.

Once the meat is done shred it and this was super easy as compared to shredding a roast. Then set up an assembly line. Get a shell and schmere re-fried beans on them. Then toss some of your shredded beef on top of the beans. You can be creative here and add whatever it is your like. Peppers, cheese and maybe more enchilada sauce. We went plain first round. Beans and meat. Then roll it up and place it into a oven safe pan.

I warmed up the other can of enchilada sauce and mixed in the leftover sauce that was in crock pot. I didn’t go full tilt with it because the meat made a lot of liquid and it needed tightened and I didn’t want to take time. I let it just reduce in the pan and the heat did the work for me. Then I took a ladle of sauce and put it all over the burritos. Then top with preferred amount of cheese. Then I placed it under the broiler on low for about 10 minutes to melt cheese and have it all come together.

The final product was super yummy! It was so good. My guy raved and was excited for theIMAG0197 leftovers today. #1 came to tell me how good it was. #3 hates burritos or so she says. And #2 was meh about it. In my defense and hers she is ‘meh’ about all food unless it is junk. We just served with chips and re-fried beans topped with cheese on the side.

This recipe is definitely worth making again. It was really cheap and super easy.


Want to see as I find my way to 100 pins? Read here.


Skillet Cake?

Who has ever heard of such a thing? Not me. I accidentally found it on pinterest while looking for chicken thigh recipes. Who knows how it popped up in the midst of that but it was certainly intriguing. Once in there it was kind of obvious I had to make it. It was just what I needed to get me through the evening (because the summer life of a teacher is so rough…feel sorry for me 😉 ). The best thing about this recipe is that it is a much smaller version of the very popular texas sheet cake.

PIN36) My guy and I used the bonding time to talk about the trials of the day and made the cake together. I forwent the skillet part because I don’t have a skillet that can go into the oven. I did the boiling in the skillet and then pour into a 9 in round pie plate and baked it that way.

Now I know normally I don’t just plop down the end result. However, this time the process was not all that appetizing. I took the pictures and when I put them on the computer I kind of felt like if I showed them ya’ll might not try the recipe and not give its proper attention. It deserves to be tried and loved.

We did skip the nuts because I am the ONLY person in my family that can appreciate nuts and chocolate together.  My recommendation on this pin is to make it, it is so good. Find the recipe at Willow Bird Baking – Gooey Chocolate Skillet Cake.


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Finally Pinning Again.

I have been repeating pins around these parts but not much new pin trying. But I have been a pinning fool for my classroom. The paint was done. Then I hit a huge roadblock. I don’t like my desks so we are on search for new desks. Thankfully, that is even an option.

In the mean IT IS TIME to start decorating. As my boss so eloquently put it this morning to me. “Time to get cracking, huh?” At one point I was head of the race. Now I am miserably behind. Partially, I took a break. Partially, waiting on Mommy Jargon’s help while she vacations.

Any way, so this pin. PIN35) A streamer I guess you could call it. It was inspired by this. I didn’t really see instructions but honestly. I didn’t need any. I don’t give myself near the credit I should when it comes to sewing. My momma is the world’s best sewer so, I at least know I possess some skill.

Tonight I set my way to creating my own to determine if I wanted to do this in my classroom. And here it is…

1) Trace a circle pattern into a book page, newspaper, paper with writing, whatever you like really. I went through our recycled paper and picked out patterns I liked and I tore up a book I didn’t need or want. I just used a drinking cup for my circle.

2) Then cut the circles out with patterned scissors or just do straight edge. Whatever you prefer. I wasn’t shooting for a uniformed look, so I just willy nillied cut it.

3) Choose your color of thread and load up your machine. Paper will dull out your needle quickly so make sure you have back ups. I chose purple thread cause the color in my room is purple.

4) And sew away. And away. I let my #2 and # 3 pick my stitch pattern from the machine. This is a time it would be fun to play with. You can space them out as far as you want and just feed in the next one when you are ready.

5) Here is the finished. It was a fun project. Now I best get to cutting more circles.


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Cupcakes, Patterns and Dancing oh my!

365.208-My attempt at Minnie Cupcakes. They did turn out really cute. And # 3 loved them. To test and make sure she knew what I was trying to do I showed her the finished product and she says. “Look, Minnie!”

PIN 34)-This is not where I pulled it from but I pinned it way back when since #3 is obsessed with Minnie. The pin is now dead (is anyone else noticing this pattern on Pinterest? I am). But I pulled it from this site to be reminded of the idea. I actually made my own recipe. My cupcake recipe is fairly standard too. I freely admit I exchange butter and margarine often and never use non-fat sugars. What is the purpose really with those anyways? And if you are making a cupcake, why not go all out? But my icing recipe that is my thang! I claim it loud and proud.

The final product from up top.

So we had a small get together for #’s birthday. #3’s friend pool is fairly limited, but I had never really done much for her big day so we opted to invite MommyJargon and her crew and between our two families that is 10 people and a party. My guy’s folks came and some neighbors. After those four left we just kind of had a family playdate.

I decided to snap some pictures. The funniest part of that when I went to peek at them for 365 use I noticed a pattern.

365.209-Oh come on MommyJargon, don’t you want to play?

What is the matter poppy? Don’t you want to either?

Even the baby was feeling camera shy!

365.210-MommyJargon’s guy dancing with baby girl #3. Tell me that is not totally adorable. And I guess they only agree when they don’t even know I am there.

365.211-Today we are working on potty training so we needed to stick close to home. To help that cause I decided to let the girls make some jello jigglers. They keep checking on it to see if it ready to cut into yet!

365.211-And today’s 365 is