My little salsa lover


Baby girl #3 doesn’t just love Salsa she uses the chip as a spoon to laddle like soup and demands her own bowl.


365 is still going and going

I cannot believe I am almost through it. I have stayed strong. I love it and my family has so much fun guessing what I will take a picture of next.

365.257 – Yesterday I walked into my classroom and caught a few of my students doodling. They were kind of funny because I don’t think they were expecting me in there and were not sure how I would react. I didn’t comment on just how much I identify with what they have to say. But I am sure in due time….

Yesterday was a special kind of awesome. I cannot adequately blog about what it is that is taking place at my school. But if you have ever been around to watch a dream realized then you get it. I don’t just mean my own dream. I mean my students, their parents, my co-workers, my bosses and the list could on. We had one last weekend to put our school into shape. To create the space that they wanted for themselves. This was not a project that could be done alone. It was done with all parties that stakes involved. Some teachers, some parents, some students and administration. Everyone had jobs, every one took the time to get to know each other.

We have kids coming from various schools and various “cliques” so it will be interesting to see how that all plays out. We even have students from outside districts. I am sure they will all be vying for their social role if they are not already. But yesterday they were all vying to get a moment with the English teacher.

The fun part about that besides the obvious was how they took opportunities to talk with me where no one could hear. Almost every single one quietly whispered, “I love to read” or “I love to write.” They came in my room sat down and commented, “this is gonna be so cool!” I smiled. I hoped silently. I tried to be realistic as probably only 25-35% of our whole group was there. I am not so naive to think they will all love what I have to offer.

There were two even more favorite parts to the day. The parents. Admittedly, that has been the most intimidating part. In college, the parent piece of the puzzle is different. Sure they support their students, but there are no communication lines instructor to parent after 18. But this funny thing happened. They would see me head to my room and they would follow and I heard stories. “I loved English.” “I struggled in English because of Mr. Smith.” “Writing was my best subject.” “I wrote this short story once and it got published in our paper.” “English is hard, I hated it.” Remember those moments I talked about before here? Literacy events. We all have them. They loved having the opportunity to share them and I listened. It was fun.

But by far the best part of the event was the shy girl who came in with her mom. Mom shares how much daughter loves my room and kind of talks to me about every day things. The girl is looking at the ground. I introduce myself to her and tell her we will have a good  year. I ask her if she likes to read and write. She can’t look at me. A few moments of awkward silence follow. Mom finally answers my question. I smile and say, “It’s okay.” I am shy too. Probably hard for her to believe. The convo between the three of us continued for about 10 minutes with daughter saying nothing and making no eye contact.

I am filled with warmth because that is my #2. Just Friday we did the same thing. We stood in her teachers room. Her teacher asked her questions. She awkwardly tried to participate in the conversation without ever saying a word. I answered and touched her arm letting her know she was alright. I have had anxiety ridden college students as well. They are just a soft spot for me I think. I see my #2 struggle so much with “newness” and “change” and I want to make it better for all of them.

It is just amazing how much each of my daughters have prepared me for teaching. My oldest, the perfectionist, she constantly exceeds my expectations and is a bon a fide know it all. Yep had those, have them too. #2 my shy, high anxiety, hard to be social girl, yep had those and have them too. Then my #3 the goofy hard to not laugh at kiddo. Same.

It was fun and I am ready to go (well not really but ready for that part).

*So you know I am not completely blind to the fact that I have gotten incredibly lucky and doubt all my experiences will be so positive. I am just glad for the opportunity!

How beautiful!

It was one of those sunsets that just takes your breath away…. 365.252

Life is good and my blogging will be sporadic. That much I can be sure of. I am trying to make it on here every day but I am really counting down now to the big SHOW and I want to lap up these last few weeks with my girls. Our schedule fills up more and more every day. More and more of the outside world cutting into the inside. I want to say stop. No more. But that world out there, it needs me. But so do they.

I guess I am ready to board this never ending train of balancing it all. I just hope I can do it! My great words of wisdom are short on words but big in meaning. After my stay at home vs. work post the other a convo took place on Facebook that gave me a new perspective. And that is realizing that it is okay for me to go to work, to even be excited to do so. For so long, I have felt guilty for wanting too. I let that feeling diminish my own value as a mother and the fact of the matter is IT JUST DOESN’T. It is okay to work and be a mom. The only person that can make me feel bad for that is me.

Sure others can open their mouths and say crappy thoughtless things but I can choose to accept it or reject it. I am not there yet but I am getting there. I have always been good following my calling in life. My calling is different and it is the change for all of that freaks me out. I gotta let the guilt out of that.

And with that I am off for some cuddles. Well end of summer wishes to all my readers.

Too many photos, too little time.

Who knows what day I left off…I am just gonna catch up as best I can from memory!
365.248 – Last week kiddos and I got together with Mommy Jargon and her kiddos to have a “crafting day” for my classroom. It was so fun to watch Mommy Jargon work and I did watch. I tried to help but she excelled where I didn’t in this field. But I can’t wait to see final project.

365.249 – This weekend we went to the park  (As I said in Saturday Sharing). There ended up being trails every where so my guy and I walked #3 all around. Sadly, they were very hit by the drought and most things were dead. The creek stagnate and not moving at all. But it was still fun none the less. My guy manage to capture a surprise kiss from #3.

365.250 – #3 was horribly afraid of following through the slats on the bridges we hiked over. I am guessing she hasn’t figured out quite yet that proportionally speaking she can’t. She kept making these funny body stances to avoid accidentally slipping through.

365.251 – And oh yea, we need to work on smelling. Apparently, she thought when I requested she “smell” the flowers she needed to eat them.

I adore my family so much and don’t think I am bad Momma for having all #3. #’s 1 & 2 were boating with papaw and he didn’t take a camera.

The rest you can see on my flickr, to the right!

I am a dork….

If this picture isn’t evidence of that than what more do you need really, readers?

365.245 – Laugh at yourself first, before anyone else can.  ~ Elsa Maxwell

365.246 – One of my #1’s friends cheering on her games and being the official softball cheer memorizer. We were trying to remember to take them back to our home league. She did good! Wanna read her Momma’s blog? Go here!

365.247-MommyJargon is BACK! Yeah! And she brought me back a BIG HUNK!

And yes my guy totally tried to say it was named after him. The best part about it is the instructions for eating it:

“Whack your big hunk against a hard surface and enjoy little bites.” Come on, I totally couldn’t make that up! How funny!

Class Pet

Since I was little I dreamed of having a plant in my classroom.

365.244 – Real Life: Meet Neffie my new class pet

I picked her cause she had tones of purple. I spent 20 minutes picking just the right one. I let my girls help me name her. Look closely had her plant kingdom name and I imagine you will see how they arrived at such a name. She is hardy in low sunlight and makes me just a little bit happier. So now I have a class pet and I love her!

And no I have not lost my mind. YET!

Where’d my camera go?

I have had the best luck lately with my devices because they are usually with me more than my big and awkward camera. My cell, the HTC Rhyme, takes the most crisp and clear pics ever and  you can fully edit them on it and do whatever you need to do to share. I love this technology.

And my IPAD whatever (don’t know the # and everyone asks) but it is the latest takes awesome pics too. As well as, it has editing enhancements. I don’t use it as much because it is for work. I can buy it for the ripe ol’ price of a dollar if I want it when I am through. But to be honest, I am trying to see it more as a teaching tool in the classroom to make my life easier.

So anyway…I haven’t picked up my camera in over a week. But my cell and my ipad…yup. They capture those moments just as well, if not better!

365.240 – First tomato sammy of the year. I love tomato sandwiches. YUM! While making this guess what kiddo was munching on the other tomatoes? #2. She has fallen in love slowly with them since April. I am so glad! My other two say NO WAY when I ask!

365.241 – Nail art by my girls. I gave an impromptu nail painting lesson to my girlies and their friend. It was fun hour full of giggles and creativity. Doesn’t really get better than that.

365.242 – The Mood for this day matched the weather. I didn’t complain one iota because we are in a horrible drought. I kind of like the constant rolling thunder, the darkness and the time to stay in my jammies all day long. Since I got hired I don’t think I have done this once. My girls consumed a book each and me I watched lots of Rosie Pope. Shhh!

This storm was kind of neat. Thankfully it looked more scary than it was. Our skies turned weird jewel toned yellows and the girls and I kept running out to see what was going on. Nothing really materialized. Big brother started and I forgot about it. Then during a commercial I saw all my neighbors out walking and talking and this is what they were checking out. A freaky storm hitting OH about 5-6 miles from us. We could see it all happening without being a part of it.

365.243-I will let you first look at my photo…And see what kind of conclusion you draw.

That is right I have happily accepted the job of yearbook “What do I call myself ?” One of the selling attractions for me to this job was the emphasis that students and teacher participate in the community that they were building. The model is that there are “clubs” that are student designed and teacher supported. As a teacher you are required to participate in one but can have multiple. When interviewed I was asked about what kind of club would I like to sponsor. My answer without hesitation was publication. I knew yearbook would likely be a part of that and hoped to incorporate my creative writing classes into it as well.

When I would tell people about this aspect of the job I often heard negative because it is what made our day longer in their eyes. We actually work the same it is just shifted later in the Am and the Pm. That is to accommodate these clubs and I love it. What a great opportunity for the students to see beyond themselves and collaborate with both peers and teachers.

So call me in charge of the yearbook. I will take it. GLADLY!

Nom Noms Again.

I am quite sure this has been a title before but oh well. It captures what this post is all about. Nom noms.

365.239 – Summer Corn

Baby girls are into corn on the cob every day about right now. Their favorite way…halved, buttered, salted and eat.

The best part…they are always willing to help clean.

And my favorite way to eat corn on the cob

Skillet Corn (I have converted my whole family). I have made it four times since and every time no leftovers.