Oh hi!

I know I should really come here more, but Spring 2017…is BUSY! Our play. A kiddo in high school softball, piano lessons, a comedy show at school, hubby assisting with golf. A round of E gang colds (maybe working on a second), a thumb sprang and pre-surgery appointments. There are two problems and they are that there just isn’t enough time or enough of me. Both of which I cannot solve…so my blog you have gotten quite dusty.

But yea I am the same. I am a vicious cycle of losing and gaining the same freaking 10lbs over and over and over. I honestly hate the way I look in the mirror. I feel very similarly to how I felt before I lost the weight. But I am trying to do the reverse thinking of I remember I time when I would have died to weigh what I do now. Instead, I keep lusting after my new goal weight and then I feel defeated and blah. So I gave myself a focus almost three weeks ago.

I realized that my major surgery was going to be in about 60 days. I also realized right before that I was going on our family vacation. So I gave myself a focus. A 60 day challenge of just plugging forward with taking care of myself and yet another campaign of self love and hopefully exploring why I have to keep doing it over and over. I am on day 20 today. And yet again I fall in love with the process. My eating is and isn’t the problem. I know how to eat well and clean. I do really well with it, but there is always a day that is tough. My emotions are high and boom! I overeat. Or eat something that is counterproductive to my exercise portion of this.

I am not into shame or the idea of cheating, so I am trying to get better at just moving on from those moments. That is how I dealt with them previously and I have to get better at doing it now. I just need to not REWARD or COMFORT with food. I love food and for me when I do those two things is when I find trouble.

I made it a full 16 days without a rest day. Finally, I took one. I had a tough day and a lot of hurt/stress and aggravation around me that was weighing me down. Instead of eating my way through it. I took care of myself via my diet and binged instead on amazon prime and watched four episodes of Homeland (current show of choice) in one evening. I was ready and pumped to get back to it the next day. This for me is a true definition of a rest day.

So yea want some proof of what I am up to? There are a couple of ways to do this. Follow me on my main instagram account @mommyrhetoric (You can follow that twitter too). I also have a fitness account for instagram that talks way more about my fitness @mommyrhetoric_fit . And as a unique accountability tool for me I vlog almost every single day at my Mommy Rhetoric facebook page. I usually have fitness tips there, but sometimes I am just real with you. So come see me….Like my page and see what I am up to.


I just posted this as a reminder of where I started to where I am. I have to REMIND myself.

I was 210 lbs and now I am hoover in that 140-150 range. (My 10lb yo-yo) GRR! But I am not giving up. Here are snippets of my last 20 days.


Accountability through FITBIT Challenges. Whether with friends, with myself and my goals. A lot goes down here including my calorie counts which are right around 1200 per day.


My kiddos. They keep me accountable to as well by coming with me. Trying to keep up with them helps. Or just showing cool places I found. Like my hill….


Yea I have walked up and down this hill quite a bit this spring. I doubted I could do running sprints on it. That was until I proved myself wrong. I did it. I did 10 of them. Yup I sure did. Sometimes you have to challenge yourself.

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But you gotta show up for yourself every single DAMN day!!! It doesn’t matter if  you have the cutest shirt, or your clothes don’t match. Sometimes it really sucks and sometimes you feel like Shaun T. But you show up. You don’t need all the space or your gym is out in the sun. But you do it! You do it over and over and over until you do it like you brush your teeth and brush your hair.



Some days you eat super healthy and you love it. But some days you eat Qdoba and you even add a little gauc because it SHOULD NOT be a punishment. You aren’t bad. You are a beautiful human being who needs to take care of yourself inside and out.


Just always remember your why because then love wins and even dandelions look like sunflowers.



In the Pursuit of….

“Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.” 
― Guillaume Apollinaire


Day 26 – Old 27 Ice Cream and an old time ice cream shop. Their best thing….Hot Fudge Milkshake


Day 27 – My puppy wuppy….Roxie Doxie and one of her favorite toys


Day 28 – We had a girls night out with Kpuff and her beautiful daughter. We saw Malifcent. I didn’t think I would like it, but I did. Go see it!


Day 29 – And the following day I had the two most beautiful girls in my town for a date. Their favorite place, El Camino, which is amazing and if you ever make it to Decatur go there. It isn’t your average Mexican restaurant. NOMS!


Day 30 – Baby girl # 1 after a whole lotta games. She had a huge tournament that weekend. As in played 8 games all together. I decided to snap her picture because I have never ever seen her sunburned in her almost 13 years of life. EVER. The girl normally just tans and get dark. Nope she got red even with 50 sunscreen.


Day 31 – I love this place and it almost feels like a second home. You know that feeling you get when you come home after a long vacation. Yea, I get that when I head in on Mondays. Ahhh!


Day 32 – Baby Booties. Baby girl # 3’s baby booties knitted by Kpuff. I found them in a garage sale pile and in no way shape or form are they garage sale worthy. I have two knitted pieces that Kpuff did for my Banana girl and they are in my special place beside my heart (my closet).


Day 33 – Baby girl # 2’s 10th birthday. She wanted a vintage type writer. She has got it! 🙂


Day 34 – Baby girl # 3’s birthmark on her leg. Early on in her life Kpuff pointed out it was the shape of a heart. I have loved it since. Well I loved it before, but how cute. A heart!


Day 35 – The girls bracelet/lemonade stand for trigemenial neuralgia. They raised 9 dollars in $ and we are giving half our garage sale funds so a little over $50 dollars to TNA Facial Pain Association. It wasn’t a huge money making garage sale, but I was so proud of them.


Day 36 – Puppy and my guy (can you see him back there…those are his fingers toward the top). As soon as we cleaned up the garage sale both all three of us needed a little nap. I woke up smooshed up against my guy and with a furry dog smooshed in between us. I love afternoon naps.


Day 37 – Yesterday was the first time I have seen # 1 play softball in nine games. It sounds like a lot but it was really just a travel tournament. It was so ridiculously hot that we tag teamed parented and I stayed back with girls and my guy and # 1 stayed in a hotel where the tournament was. So I was super stoked to see a game yesterday. I just the anticipation before a game. Everyone excited and warming up. It always takes me back to my travel ball days. Those are definitely some of my best memories of my childhood.


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